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Yeah so Daybreak.


No post about it which kinda shocks me - or maybe we are all getting a bit long in the tooth for a show like this.

HOWEVER, it's not what you think it is going to be. 



Give it a shot. It's actually a great mix of action, story, humour, redemption and a nice look at the next generation in a sense. Directed by the guy who did Rampage and half of the Rock's movies weirdly enough


I just binge watched ten episodes this week and it's been one of the few Netflix Originals I've enjoyed in a while.

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It’s pretty good. Smarter than you’d expect from the trailers, and quite funny in places, though the more relationship oriented flashback parts are tedious and the in-universe explanation for none of the teens using firearms was extremely unconvincing. 


If you enjoyed this, I’d certainly recommend you check out a similar, far lower budget UK effort called Zomboat. Which is at least as good, albeit a lot shorter. First episode can be found on YouTube. 

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Just catching up on this - I am on episode 6. I am a zombie fan so I tend to watch ALL the zombie stuff I can lay my hands on - I do a search on Prima nd Netflix every few months an d then queue them on watchlist.


After 6 eps it is a decent show - reminds me of a more up to date Buffy (with swearing obviously!). Broderick's casting is great and lifts the whole thing but also smacks of his work with Election many years ago. Doesn't quite hit heights of the black comedies like Election or Heathers but pretty funny good stuff. And certainly a worthy entry to Zmobie genre.


Anyway the main point is it is better than most Zombie tv shows and films - way better than Black Summer by a huge margin. yet this was cancelled and Black Summer gets a 2nd season??? My only guess is that this costs alot to make wherease Black summer is cheap?


Real shame

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Have now finished it...


I realise this sank like a stone again which probably tells us all we need to know but I am still scratching my head over Black Summer getting the season 2 nod over this.


Borderick is the best thing in it even if he is chewing the scenery and his "Election" performance is far far more nuanced.


The latter half of the season is weaker but then I guess its not aimed at my age group :D My main complaint is the hints I got that the season ended on a Big Cliffhanger of a BIG TWIST.


Spoiler alert (nothing major)

It really doesn't , I watched it and thought hmmmmm ok well that might be an interesting direction for season 2 - but it wasn't a big "oh my god I have to see how they resolve THIS"

So actually despite its protestations it does standalone as a single season "end of the world" thing quite well and has Broderick acting well!


EDIT - the 2nd amusing thing to me is that this reminds me of the "The Last Kid on Earth" book series and Netflix cartoon which my son is reading. This is pretty much a swearier version of that.. the kids are younger but the kid trying to save the girl is almost beat for beat the same as this.



Aaanyway good stuff and worth a watch - but this comes from someone who tries to watch EVERY zombie apocalypse movie (or end of world thing).

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I like Ira Madison III on Keep It and I like zombies, so have been dipping in and out of this for weeks.


The first few episodes are ok, the concept is better than the execution. But got to episode 8 and I think it has to be the worst acted, worst directed, worst written episode of anything I’ve ever seen. Truly, truly rubbish.


Not sure I can even be bothered with the last two now.



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