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Hello Goaty ♥

I will be selling a few PC Engine CD Roms originals of course

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But do I have a sales base?  any of you got a PC Engine CD rom or duo?


I have Lords Of Thunder ,

Gate Of Thunder,

Winds Of Thunder,

Gradius II ,

Rainbow Islands SOLD

R-type complete,

Super Darius,

Cotton SOLD

Summer Carnival 93,  plus more

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TBH prices can vary greatly, it depends on things like; condition, condition of the disk, does it have spine, reg card etc. So you will need to get an account of everything.


Also, you have to decide if you want to try and get top end for something or if you just want to move it on.


Most people use eBay for reference, but (IMO) that is people pushing for top end and higher, which is why games continue to sit there as buy it now. The likelihood of getting top end REALLY depends on condition but in this instance you’re only looking for a serious collector who wants that game, which could take a while to sell.


I’d be interested in a number of the games you have, unsurprisingly, depending on condition and price. 

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@Goemon Ok lets see then,  Sorry if someone thinks this should be in Trading ;)  but they are quite a niche thing!



Snatcher by Konami   Japanese Super CD Rom  in a good used condition  the spines in there but a wee bit crumpled   £15.00


Ys RPG  Book I & II  sold


Rainbow Islands sold


Super Darius Japanese CD-ROM 2  Good to acceptable if you are perfectionist ;)   no spine £30.00


Summer Carnival 93 Japanese Super CD Rom http://www.pcengine.co.uk/HTML_Games/Summer_Carnival93.htm   Unplayed and complete sealed    £45.00

( sealed by original dealer no spine unless it is inside the case, not opened to check ) 


R-Type Complete Japanese Super CD Rom  another good to acceptable used one, No Spine £30.00


Gradius II  Japanese Super CD Rom Sealed with Spine as new  £45.00


Winds Of Thunder Japanese Super CD Rom all sealed with Spine as new  £65.00


Gate Of Thunder Japanese Super CD Rom all sealed with Spine as NEW £65.00


Lords Of Thunder Japanese Super CD Rom  Used  Good to acceptable  No Spine  £45.00


Fatal Fury 2 Japanese Arcade CD Rom  Used Good condition with Spine £20.00


Cotton  sold


Final Zone II Japanese CD-Rom 2 Used Good Condition  no spine £20.00


Red Alert  sold


Wonder Boy 3 Monster Lair Japanese CD-Rom 2 Used Good Condition no spine  £25.00


Rayxanber III  Japanese Super CD Rom  Good used condition no spine £50.00



thank you ta  all will be sent with care and signed for delivery













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