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Pokemon players - your purchase history

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Which Pokemon game have you bought, and why?


No, I'm not practising my blind date questions.




Blue, rather than Red - preferred Bulbasaur to Charmander

Ultra Sun, rather than Ultra Moon - Dubai duty free didn't have Ultra Moon, so the choice was made for me.

Let's Go Pikachu, rather than Eevee - I'd never heard of Eevee, and can't stand the name.

Shield, rather than Sword (preordered) - decided I'd get what seems to be the less popular version.


I also bought Platinum, but it seems that had no sister game.


How about you?

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I can post what I bought, but will likely struggle with the reasons "why", especially as I was a young child for a lot of the earlier games, so almost certifiably an idiot 


Blue - Squirtle 

Gold - Totodile

Sapphire - Treecko (the only time I didnt pick the water starter. I'm not sure why, but I've never liked the Mudkip line)

Pearl - Piplup

Heart Gold - Totodile

White - Oshawott

X - Froakie

Alpha Sapphire - Mudkip (retconning my ways from the originals)

Sun - Popplio

Let's Go Pikachu - Pikachu (used the other three starters in my team)


I don't think there's any real logic behind which version I buy - and I wish there was, as I can't decide between Sword and Shield this time. My instinct was Shield initially but I probably prefer the exclusive Galar form of one Sword 'mon. 


Apart from Gen 3, I always just go for the water starter, so it's Sobble again. Not sure what I would have actually picked had I just went for my favourites. A lot of the times it probably does match up with water (I like Squirtle, Totodile, Piplup, Oshawott and Froakie, though I think Rowlett might have pipped it last time). I haven't seen the final evolutions going into Sword/Shield and did the same going in to Sun. 


As to outliers to the main series, I often pick up the third game or, as I live in Japan, I'll pick up the other version and play through in Japanese for practice. 


Emerald - Mudkip

Omega Ruby - Treecko

Ultra Moon - Rowlett

Y - Chespin 

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Up to today I’ve bought every Pokemon game, including all the side games, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap etc. And when I say all I mean both iterations so Red and Blue, Gold and Silver.

The only one I didn’t bother with was Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee as it didn’t look / feel like Pokemon to me.


I sold off my games collection a few years back but I’ve bought the majority of my Pokemon games back, I’ve got a full Pokédex, with all Pokemon having me as the OT saved in my Pokemon Bank app and have a ton of Shiny’s, Event Mon etc. All legit.

For a good while I used to breed the rarer Pokemon for people for free, because I had every Mon I used help people complete their Dex’s on a couple of different forums.


Favourite Pokemon of all time is probably Rayquaza, I’ll post up my favourite starter Mon when I get home

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That’s it. Last one I played. 

Might be in this time though. 

Shield I think

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9 minutes ago, spanx said:


That’s it. Last one I played. 

Might be in this time though. 

Shield I think


I'm mostly interested in why people choose one over its sister.


Why Shield, and not Sword.

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Green - got a badly patched ROM, “Pokémon” didn’t even technically exist but got hooked. Don’t remember which Pokémon I had and all their names were corrupted characters anyway.




Gold - because it was £15 and Silver wasn’t.


Quartz - because I found it on the floor.

Sapphire - was in a bundle of GBA games I got cheap.


Y - because my daughter wanted X


Sun - because she wanted Moon


Eevee - because she wanted Pikachu


Sword - because she wants shield



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Red:     Squirtle

Silver:  Cyndaquil

Ruby:   Mudkip




Shield: Scorbunny or Grookey (Sopple's final form is TERRIBLE)


Choosing Shield because I usually go red, and I prefer the legendary form. Would rather have Sir Fetch'd than rainbow unicorn though.

It doesn't make much difference in the end, does it?


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I bought Heart Gold because the Pokéwalker thing sounded interesting. And I don't think I have that game anymore anyway. No idea who I used.


That's it. Although I'd probably buy Pokken if I had a Switch/WiiU. :D 

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10 hours ago, bum said:


I also bought Platinum, but it seems that had no sister game.



Platinum is the third game for Generation 4, it's a sort of remixed/enhanced version of Diamond/Pearl.


So Gen 1 you had Red/Blue and then Yellow.

Gen 2 there was Gold/Silver and then Crystal.

Gen 3 Ruby/Sapphire then Emerald.

Gen 4 Diamond/Pearl then Platinum.


They changed this up after Gen 4 and did:


Gen 5 Black and White then Black 2 and White 2.

Gen 6 X and Y didn't get a follow up game. Pokemon Z was heavily rumoured and some leaks suggested it was in development but it never surfaced. It's a shame as I had intended to do a Nuzlocke challenge on .

Gen 7 they did Sun/Moon then Ultra Sun an Ultra Moon.



My history:


Blue. My mum bought this for me and I hadn't stated a preference. I picked Charmander.


All of the other main series games I bought I asked my cousin and my best friend which version they'd be getting and then picked the other one. The only exception was X and Y where my cousin couldn't afford to get it on launch day and was going to wait til he got paid, so I bought X for me and Y for him. I much prefer Xerneas to Yveltal so went with X for having the prettier box art.


Gold/Silver. I never had an original Gold/Silver cart :(. I got Soul Silver on the DS later to make up for this and picked Totodile.

Ruby/Sapphie. As above, never played the originals but got Alpha Sapphire on 3DS to play it afterwards. Started with Treecko.

Fire Red/Leaf Green. I have both of these. Found them unboxed at a car boot for £5 each. Was a ridiculously good deal so I had to do it. Started a Fire Red campaign and picked Bulbasaur.

Diamond. Turtwig.

White. Tepig.

White 2. Oshawatt. I regretted not picking the little scamp the first time and made up for it at the second attempt. My White 2 team is spectacularly bad as I decided to pick all the 'Mons I'd rather do a hard pass on. I have a Sunflora. It is, unsurprisingly, not very good. 

X. Froakie.

Sun. Popplio.





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1: Red

2: Silver (I thought Lugia was the dogs balls)

3: Ruby (No specific reason)

4: Pearl (THIS was the Pokemon that hit right in the middle of University, I took it super seriously/competitively and put literally thousands of hours into it as every Sunday evening I used to hang around in my mates flat and 6 of us would just do battles/trades all night)

5: Neither

6: Neither

7: Neither

Turns out, all those thousands of hours really burned me out on Pokemon, and the thought of going back into it filled me with despair. I didn't want to play it "casually", if I was going to play, it would have to be "properly"



I'm back in, they've got online sorted. They released a trailer that was laser focused to people like me (You can change natures, pass on eggs moves without breeding, ignore EV training completely, focus in on the right IVs you're after). I'm so in, I can't wait for next Friday. They have removed so damn much of the arbitrary grinding for competitive battling, it's amazing. 


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This could take some time ....


Yellow: My nephew had it, but traded his Pikachu to some kid at school for a Gyarados to beat the 1st gym. This was his only Pokemon, and it wouldn't listen to him. My sister asked me to help him to get through Mt. Moon, and I realised quite quickly that I would have to catch a lot more Pokemon, and learn what the hell I was playing. I spent almost all of that Sunday doing what was asked of me, and went and bought myself a Gameboy Pocket with Yellow the next day.


Red and Blue at some point after that. I also picked up Pokemon Snap for my N64.


Gold: I was there for day 1 on Gold, and it was only ever going to be Gold as it's always been a goto colour for me. I then bought Crystal on day 1, which I still think was pretty much perfect.


Stadium, I believe, was next, but I can't be sure. I do know that I also got Silver around this time. But I definitely got Stadium 2 on day 1, and from this point on it's pretty much all bought as released.


Ruby for me. Sapphire for my son, who at this point was 8 and so actually cared about it instead of me just hoping he would do. I did also get Colosseum, but for some reason never got Colosseum 2. To this day, I regret that.


Pearl for me, Diamond for my then girlfriend. She actually played it, too, but never played any after that. My son also got Pearl, but for his birthday.


Leaf Green for me, Fire Red for my son. And later on I picked up a Fire Red for myself.

Black for me, my son bought his own White. Later on I got White 2. I also bought Pokemon Rumble U, and a ton of the plastic things, but I recall only playing it once or twice.


I got Alpha Sapphire, my son got Omega Ruby. This tradition has continued, and will continue, throughout the series. This is the only game I never completed.


I got Sun, he got Moon. I got Y, he got X. He got Ultra Sun, I didn't get Ultra Moon. Not really sure why, to be honest.


I got Pikachu, he got Eevee.


We both want Sword. I'm visiting him this weekend, and will no doubt fight him for the right  discuss this with him on Saturday.


Almost every time, I've gone with the name rather than anything in the game. But Sirfecth'd is too good to not have! My decision-making criteria is never critical, it's always based on irrational things. (I find that to be the best way to treat videogames, as items of fun!)



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Bought Blue (US import) in 1998. Chose Squirtle. Because the evolved version was on the box art. I lack imagination.


Yellow (US import) in 1999. Dunno why.


Silver (US import) in late 2000. Can’t remember which starter; didn’t have any time to play games back then, so sold it fairly quickly. :( 

Y in 2013. Chespin was my starter. But! I stopped playing after a few hours, and didn’t play it again until 2015, when my girlfriend bought X, and we played our adventures simultaneously. We then bought and played Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby immediately after finishing X/Y. Treecko was my started in Omega Ruby.


Bought Sun and Moon at launch in 2016. I played Sun, selecting the mighty Rowlet as my starter.


Played Let’s Go Pikachu, but didn’t enjoy it as 1.) it was ridiculously unchallenging  and 2.) I didn’t know anyone at the time with a Switch to share the adventure with.

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I wonder what the split percentages are over the years, and if there are any consistent results.

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Pokemon Blue (Original GB)  - Bought as soon as it appeared on the shelf at my local Woolworths.

Pokemon Stadium : I didn't play it that much but it was nice to see the models in 3D.


I then skipped Gen II and didn't start playing the games again until the first remakes arrived and from this point I always bought both versions because I play the games just to complete the Dex and don't care about battling or anything else.


Fire Red & Leaf Green : Played mostly on LG and then played through FR up until the point you get Moltres so I could complete my Pokedex.


Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald: The worst generation of games. Didn't really start playing them properly until I got Emerald and then played enough of the other two games to complete the Pokedex.


Pokemon Channel : A truly dreadful game which had Jirachi as a reward for completing it which only took about 2 hours. 


Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon XD: Only played briefly and both games were not much fun and without a decent reward Pokemon I had no motivation to continue playing.


Pokemon Box: A Stars Catalogue reward which gave you a Swablu that knew False Swipe as a reward which made catching Pokemon a lot easier.


Diamond / Pearl / Platinum : Completed most of the Dex with Diamond and then transferred them to Platinum when it was released to complete it. 


Heart Gold  / Soul Silver: Played Soul Silver and started but didn't get very far in HG because I already had any Pokemon missing in SS from previous games that I had then transferred once whichever stupid system GF had decided to implement that time.


Black / White : Played White and then enough of Black to complete the Dex.


Black 2 / White 2: Played White 2 because there was a nice link feature that gave additional story points with the original game. These are the best games in the series.


Pokemon Dream Radar (3DS) : Like all of the spin offs not great but did allow me to obtain low level Legendaries from Gen IV that would be level 5 if you transferred them to your B2W2 cart if you did not have any badges.


X / Y : Played X and then Y to complete the Dex. 


Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire : Playing OR and then AS but haven't finished the Dex in these games yet. Despite improvements in the remake I still dislike both games.


Sun / Moon : Moon because I play games and night and it's no fun if it's always dark.


Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon : Ultra Moon and then using Pokemon Bank transferred Pokemon from Moon and Sun to complete the Dex.


Crystal (3DS VC) : Only started and the original games are hard to go back to. Nowhere near completing yet.


Preorderd the Sword Shield SE for both games. Not sure which one I will play first yet.


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5 hours ago, RaoulSilva said:

Will probably buy sword when it's cheaper on a digital sale. 


Good luck with that. The *original* Red and Blue have only come down in price in the last couple of years due to appearing on the 3DS, and even then they were more expensive than other GB games on the 3DS.

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