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Games you can't believe were so BAD

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To do that you’d have to do a full play through first stockpiling ammo and then learn all of the enemy positions so the answer is probably yes.

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On 11/10/2019 at 11:26, Festoon said:

I could go insane here.


Turok 2: Seeds of fucking evil.


An Edge 9, I believe.




Utterly agree. This confuses me to this day that anyone could like that game. Especially compared to the first, which to me, was one of the greatest first person shooters of that generation.

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Turok 2....


The writer played less than three levels of the game. Or so I heard. Nothing else was on the cartridge at the time.


The writer also nearly drowned in a swimming pool at the house of one of the development team. Or so I heard.


The high score was 'agreed' beforehand as the game publisher supported a special boxed edition of the magazine, complete with a T-Shirt (could be wrong it's a long time ago) and it was a special version of the cover - I think it was a special cut-out. Those things all cost money to do. The Publisher got the special "E3 cover" for the first game.


Again, this could all be purely conjecture. Such a long long time ago.



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