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Death on the Nile


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It’s gonna be hard to downplay his character in the film as he’s a fairly major one (as far as anyone can be in an ensemble piece). Perhaps they’ll digitally replace him like they did in that Zack Snyder zombie movie?


I was quite looking forward to this but given that Armie Hammer is both abusive, potentially a rapist and quite possibly a closeted cannibal, I think my expectations have been soured quite a bit. 

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I know Hollywood likes a good origin story, but this gives us:



one for Poirot’s tash I shit you not!!!

Overall though was quite decent, although I remembered who dunnit about 10 minutes in.

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The crew situation is bothering me. It's a small enough boat and sometimes there seems to be plenty of crew. But sometimes, like during a foot chase bit, they run all over and there's no bugger in sight.

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Found this rather dull and plodding, it takes way too long before the first death even occurs and I instantly knew who the killer was (obviously that's more the source materials fault rather than the films, but still).


Also an origin story for the mustache? Really Sir Kenneth, come on now. I wonder if he had some money left in the kitty so decided to film the cold opening for the lols.



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