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Gregory Horror Show (PS2) an October playthrough

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Debating whether to put this up on the blog like my Final Fantasy IX play through.


I've literally just started Gregory Horror Show after finding it in the loft earlier in the week. I started it way back when but have never ever finished it.




Night 1

After naming my guy, Duane (after myself, highly original), I stumble into a weird hotel. A wonky eyed mouse guy gives me a room for the night and I'm visited by Death. It would seem I'm trapped here, but Death can help me escape if I deliver souls to him.


I then get to explore the hotel, and notice a noise coming from the room next to mine, peeking through the key hole I see a cat in a dark prison cell like room, it's not as nice as my room. I knock on the door and the cat asks me to get a key from the lobby.


So off to the lobby I go, but Gregory, the mouse from earlier, has the key on the wall behind him. He says I can't have it as the cat is the last in its family line and that the family wronged his in some way. He then realized it's 12:30 and needs to do his rounds. Once his back is turned I grab the key and return to the cats cell and unlock the door.


She (he? The voice is kinda feminine) introduces herself as Neko Zombie. She's being kept there against her will, as am I, but she is willing to help me escape. She tells me there are 12 souls trapped here and I'll need to deliver them all in order to be freed. She then tells me I need to find each of the hotel's habitants weaknesses in order to get each soul and lets me practice by listening in on her talking to herself about being hungry for a dessert that's sweet and not too cold.  When she asks me what I think she wanted I guess chocolate, which was the correct answer and am rewarded with a soul in a bottle.


I return to my room, go to sleep and Death visits me in my sleep, he's pleased that I've gained a soul already and "stamps my card".

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I remember getting this for a fiver in Game waaaaay back in the day! Great game but I ended up getting stuck and never going back to it! I’ll be following your journey through this!

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Thanks. I picked it up cheaply too, maybe in a multi buy pre-owned offer in GameStation near to the 360s launch when I was hoovering up cheap PS2 games. Which when I got one of those (about 9 months after launch) I then barely touched the PS2 which is probably one of the reasons I didn't complete this.




Night 1 continued


I awaken to a note on my pillow

"I have something important to tell you. Come to my room when you wake up. Neko Zombie."


She asks if I know Catherine. Catherine is a pink lizard in a nurses uniform who enjoys drawing blood from people she dislikes and lives in room 104. She overhears us talking and makes it her mission to get a "blood sample" after hearing I'm collecting souls.


After leaving Neko Zombies cell I bump into James, Gregory's grandson, who's being told off for leaving his banana skin on the floor, Gregory is most displeased and chases after him


Catherine bumps into me and declares she's going to make my job harder then runs away. Gregory reveals she recently slipped on a banana peel James had left lying around and asks me to be careful I don't do the same.


Something tells me I ought to visit the kitchen and sure enough whilst hunting around in the dark I find a banana peel. Sure enough, after waiting for Gregory to leave the lobby I throw the banana skin on the floor and lie in wait for Catherine to appear, she immediately slips on it, bangs her head and has stars spinning around her, dropping the soul she had been carrying in the process. I quickly grab it and go talk to Neko Zombie.

She warns me that Catherine will be after me for sure now and if she gets me it'll be "needle time"!


Sure enough Catherine is in her room stabbing her bed with her giant needle, she knows it was me who took her soul and now she is "really angry" I'm warned that once ive taken a guests soul and I'm spotted by that guest then I'll be chased, then if caught I'll be forced to watch a "Horror Show"


Neko Zombie now introduces me to the "mental guage" which represents the strength of my mind, of it drops to 0 I'll not be able to escape the hotel. To replenish the guage I need to get plenty of sleep, make use of herbs and "refresh my mind by reading", which also increases my mental guage.


My mental strength will be at its strongest whilst I carry souls so it's not just simply a case of get soul, go to sleep, give soul to Death.


Neko Zombie then tasks me with nabbing Judgement Boys soul tomorrow.


"Do you know my name? JUDGEMENT!"

Neko Zombie says he came to the hotel to pass final judgement on troubled hearts. She then sends me back to my room to get some rest and I hand in Catherine's soul to Death. He seems a bit disappointed that I only brought him one soul



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Even more from Night 1:


Gregory seems to be expecting another new guest.


I leave my room and bump into Judgement Boy, he believes I have a lot on my mind and offers to help provided I bring him a special token, once I do this he will provide his judgement.

Neko Zombie is talking in her sleep about a book Gregory has lost and is searching for.


James is upto no good, hiding something from his Grandpa in the library. Before going in there I check the Jacuzzi room, in there I find some Spring Water and a book called "Tough Choice! #2" James is following me so I need to bore him so he goes away before I can check what he was doing in the library. I've already found a couple of herbs lying around.


In the library I find a few books  "Gregory Exposed #1", "Gregory Exposed #2", "Back in Time #1", "Syringe Monthly #2" and "Guide to Poison #1"


Judgement Boy should be training but isn't in the mood to do so, he doesn't want to displease his master and wishes for some "fruit that makes time to faster".


I randomly check for any open doors and stumble upon the Frog Fortune-Teller who allows me to save my game


My Mental Guage is getting low, I'm planning on heading back to my room when I bump into Gregory who says I should rest as my face is pale.

In my room I read two of the books I've found this far "Shrine Monthly #2" and "Tough Choice! #2" which increases my Mental Guage but it also seems like I get tired from doing too much reading as my characters facial expression has changed.


In the managers office I find James' diary.


"Day 1 cloudy.

I've decided to start keeping a diary. One day when I'm rich and famous I'm sure it's gonna be a bestseller.

All right, then! Here I go!"


"Day 2 Cloudy

Grandpa's getting a new room ready. I guess someone's coming tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I'll have a look inside to see just what kind of idiot is staying with us this time!"


"Day 3 Cloudy

I got a look at the new guest today.
Named Duane, apparently. The face looks alot older than I imagined.

Now how can I make our guest feel more at home? This is gonna be fun!"


"Gregory Exposed #3" is on the bookshelf in here.


The "Fruit of Time" is available at Gregory's Shop. It's a two-star item, I can only trade for something of the same value so I trade a green herb and some apple juice for it.


After sleeping I visit Neko Zombie, who is still hungry, she punches me and steals a green herb. In Catherine's room I find a "Dirty Book" but showing this to judgement Boy doesn't do anything. Gregory s not happy to see it though, and confiscates it (he's acting rather oddly about its appearance too), he then tells me a book more to my needs can be found in the library.


Sure enough I find a "Self-help book" there, which sounds like the kind of thing Judgement Boy wanted me to bring to him. When I speak to him he guesses that I have the self help book and tells me it's time to "judge which path your future will take". He retales the story so far and asks what I should do in such a situation. I answer "Just try and stop me" which appears to be the correct answer and rewards me with the soul he's been carrying!


Outside his room he gives me the following situation: I'm a businessman and an about to secure a major deal, however my girlfriend has been rushed to hospital, what do I do? I (genuinely accidentally) choose the deal, my "girlfriend" dies and Judgement Boy goes off on his way again. After saving I go to sleep and hand in Judgement Boys soul to Death which completes the first night. Death tells me some new guests have moved in.

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I loved this game. It's stayed with me more than most of that era, somehow.


Enjoying this thread @wev

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Thanks guys. I remember reading good things about it back in Gamestm and on forums etc and like I said, I picked it up cheap but never completed it. I think I'm roughly where I got to previously though aside from the souls from the first night everything else feels really fresh.


I hope that my recording of my playthrough is both giving the game the credit it deserves (at least so far) and is getting across my experience of it too and isn't just a list of bullet points in writing style.



Night 2

Neko Zombie tells me the girl on the 1st floor has lost something. I head up the stairs and see Lost Doll sat outside her room, when I try to talk to her she attacks me. I could really do with a map for the 1st floor. I peek through the keyhole of the bar and Cactus Gunman is sat talking to himself, he says he's not interested in the latest trend but is intrigued by "that thing everyone is talking about" and considers going to Gregory's Shop to take a look.


James is up to no good in the library again, like everybody else he talks to himself when he thinks he's alone, this time he's talking about Lost Doll and how she's always crying, he wonders if the doll in Gregory's Shop is what Lost Doll has lost. I head to the shop and exchange a green herb and a "scissor salad" for the doll, which is a five star item!


Dropping the doll near Lost Doll gets her to move away from the door to her room, going inside gets me her soul, plus a green herb.


James' diary entries read differently to yesterday's


"Day 1 cloudy

I've decided to start keeping a diary. I'll practise writing so I can be a non-fiction author someday.

The pen is mightier than the sword, after all!"


"Day 2 Cloudy

Today, when I was hiding in the locker, Catherine came in and started jabbing her needle into the bed.

It sure was a sight for sore eyes to see Catherine so fired up!"


"Day 3 Cloudy

I thought of a new game today. I'll knock on a door and then run away really fast. It's good exercise. I tried it in Cactus Gunman.

After I did it 3 times in a row, the poor guy started screaming and ran away. Ha ha ha, what a twit!"


I find Mummy Papa passed out in the library, his soul just thrown to one side, so I nab it and leave quickly! I think that just leaves Cactus Gunman for now.

Neko Zombie is dreaming of her past, talking in her sleep she says that Cactus Gunman looks at his past through rose-tinted glasses, though she also feels everyone does the same. James wants to scare Cactus Gunman to death. I think if I can listen in on Cactus Girl then I might get more of an idea of what I need to do to get Cactus Gunman's soul. Cactus Gunman is in the bar again, sounds like he's easily scared by the dark or knocking noises


I have to watch the clock whilst I wait for Cactus Gunman to go to the bar, once he's there I can try to scare him by knocking on the door three times. If I do it when he's in his room then I alert Lost Doll and if he's in Catherine's medical room I'll obviously alert her too. I need him isolated in order to do this. So to pass the time till he goes back to the bar I read and I sleep.


As soon as he's in the bar I put my plan into action, sure enough after the third knock he runs away towards his room, leaving his soul on the balcony outside the bar. I grab it and go straight to hand it over to Death, which fills up my card for the second night. As before new guests move in:.

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11 minutes ago, Keyboard Koala said:

Thread title! Thread title! Before my OCD kicks in  :p



Cracking game though. One of those game I really miss since I got rid of my PS2 ages ago.


:lol: wondered what you were on about then realised it's Gregory not Gregory's not sure the actual title makes any sense? 

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Night 3


The frog gives Gregory a prediction that he'll be consumed by flames, he labels it baloney. Judgement Boy has something to say about it, question what he'll do and tells Gregory his mother is looking for him and questions if his conciense is clear. He says because of Gregory his mother's souls were stolen. The new guests are TV Fish, Roulette Boy and Hell's Chef.


James is in the library, he's left a door open that'll get Gregory into trouble. Neko Zombie seems to be planning my doom too, I thought she was my friend

The outhouse in the garden is unlocked, inside is a set of stairs that lead down, I bump into roulette boy in the basement at the bottom of them, but he immediately runs away. There are three rooms down here that are numbered room #1 has loads of herbs in it, #2 has an item and a herb in and #3 looks like some kind of wine cellar, it feels like they're a trap though, but I can't explain why. Even so, I go into room #3 and find a "Dead Remote". Gregory had mentioned easier that to find TV Fish I wouldn't need a reel, id need a remote. Room #2 has an Empty Can inside, and I was wrong about Room #1, it does contain lots of herbs but it also contains some "'shrooms" (that's literally the item name, im not making it up), so far nothing bad has come of me entering any of the rooms.


I follow the path until I hit a dead end, where I find a switch, I flick the switch, the gear mechanism does something and I hear the noise of a steel door opening, the only steel door I can think of is the barred one on the ground floor near Catherine's medical room.


I then find another set of stairs that go down further. There's another switch down here which also opens a steel door somewhere. At the very far end of the second floor of the basement is a trapdoor, which is what must have been what one of those switches opened, there's also what appears to be Roulette Boys games room? I cant do anything in the games room for now so I head down through the trap door. On this third floor of the basement I find a die, there's another games room down here, it feels like the entire basement is Roulette Boys domain. Another switch opens yet another trapdoor, seems like there's a quick way down but not out of here. TV fish is floating around down here but I want to continue exploring first. Going down the most recent trap door somehow brings me back to the garden. I'm tired and have a headache so plan to head to my room but I get chased by Cactus Gunman, Lost Doll and Mummy Papa, using a Speed Up helps me evade them and I just about get back to my room.


As I leave my room I bump into Hells Chef, so so far Roulette Boy has been spotted on the first floor of the basement whilst TV Fish was on the basements third floor and Hell's Chef was in the corridor of the first floor of the main house.


In the kitchen there's a pot on the stove, I have the option of putting something in it but don't have anything on me I can throw in there as I put everything into my wardrobe in my room. I assume it's something to do with Hell's Chef though so I think I may have figured out the beginnings of what I need to do take take the souls from TV Fish and Hell's Chef.


Back to the first floor of the basement and I find another games room there, judging by the map Roulette Boy is in this one. Round the corner is a door with an air tight lock type handle on it that won't open. In the games room in able to spy on Roulette Boy, he's mostly waffling on about people's future, he can see what lies in store for Gregory, he's more interested in mine but can't see it at all. I find another set of stairs that takes me to do the gated door in the main building.

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Fwiw, you can watch the entire series that the game is based on online these days. It's possibly even more unhinged than the game is, and features more creepy characters not in the game.






"Do you know who I am? Do you know who I am?"

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Night 3 part 2



I show the dice to roulette boy

Gregory and I are thrown into a game of "hell's roulette". I have to spin the roulette wheel and beat Gregory to the goal to start I spin a 7 and get to go first. Oh my second spin I land on a bomb tile which explodes and depletes my mental guage, third turn I get a 10t weight dropped on my head and have to sit out a turn but I'm comfortably ahead of Gregory at the moment, though I end up losing due to being hit by 10t weights too many times and my mental guage depleting.


My 2nd attempt I also lose, though its very close. Roulette boy saying "hurry up and spin me" every single turn gets tired fast. I lose a third time and begun to think it's fixed as Gregory keeps getting items that double the number of times he can move. A fourth attempt is also unsuccessful. Finally on the fifth attempt I'm successful but even so, apart from getting a Change card, the items favoured Gregory and it was only due to landing on a bomb square and getting a 10t weight dropped on him that I was able to carve out a lead.


Winning results in roulette boy giving me his soul as a prize. Apparently I can play hell's roulette any time I want but I'm not sure I'll do so unless it's needed for something else. I decide to go back to my room as my mental state is pretty poor, though I get chased by cactus gunman on the way. I also see Neko out of her room.


Next up is, I think, TV Fish, whom I think the "Dead Remote" will work on. However I can't equip it so maybe I need some batteries first? So I gather up some items from my wardrobe and visit Gregory's Shop and exchange them for a battery. When used it changed the "Dead Remote" to "Remote Control" I peep in on Neko Zombie who is dreaming of her revenge on Gregory. Now to head to the third floor of the basement where I saw TV Fish previously.


After continuously firing the remote at TV fish in the basement but getting nowhere I actually resort to a guide which tells me to visit the bar and knock on the jukebox to attract him to there where j should be able to use the remote on him. This works and I'm not sure how anyone would have worked that out on their own but there you go.


Ran out of time to figure out Hell's Chef tonight.


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Night 3 part 3

Hell's chef is very protective of his soup, Neko kitty says she saw James putting lots of different items in to the soup pot whilst hell's chefs back was turned. So I go into the kitchen and fill it till it boils over. I then gets chased around the hallways and run into the storeroom.


When I get in there he stops moving and the fire on his head goes out, Gregory says it's because of the draft in here and removes him from the storeroom though they leave his soul behind, yoijnk!

Back to my room to hand it in to death completing the third night.


Night 4


Gregory mama's not happy Gregory let me steal everyone's souls, Gregory seems to be plotting against me now.

Clock master and my son, angel dog are the newest guests.


Angel dog is talking to Neko Zombie, she mentions the boy carries a screwdriver that was a gift from his father and if he were to lose it they would fall apart. So I need to get that screwdriver! A blinking dot on the map suggests someone is in the storeroom, peaking through the keyhole and my son says he's worried about his dad losing his temper, when he does he uses his time stopping technique, if he does that my son will be in danger.


According to the map theres a guest in the bar too


  It was clock master sleeping, my son wakes him up and asks him and suggestsbtheyvho back to their room, I try to go there to listen in on them for more clues and am caught by hell's chef who cleaves my head open


I happen to go into the store room and find a screw driver in a tool box, could this be My Sons?


I show it to clock master and he chases me, the screen flashes white and he speeds up, I use a speed up and keep running, this happens three times before he collapses. I check him over and get a stop watch for my troubles, I then find My Son and show him the screwdriver, he offers me his soul in exchange for the screwdriver so he doesn't get into so much trouble.


The corridors are getting really busy making it hard to spy on Angel Dog. Though I do discover she likes watching TV in the lounge at 6pm much to Gregory's annoyance who likes to clean at that time. I think I have to get rid of Gregory to distract angel dog long enough to steal her soul, I found the Dirty Magazine again in the basement so I wonder if that trick works again? Mummy Dog mentions seeing him reading a book rather than doing the cleaning.


It takes a few attempts to figure out how to get this right, in the end I have to run across the first floor balcony, get to Gregory just before he enters the lounge and give him the dirty mag, hide in clock masters room whilst Catherine goes into the medical room then spy on angel dog. But I get her soul then leg it to my room to hand it in to death. The final soul on my stamp card is Judgement Boy Gold. According to the map he's hanging around in the basement.

He offers me my final judgement. He and two other judgement boys ask me five questions about the guests routines. I struggle with question 4 which is what snack does Catherine eat whilst watching tv in the lounge, my hunch is donuts which was correct, phew. I ultimately get all give correct and judgement Boy gold gives me a soul.


After saving and handing the soul over to Deathz this completing my card, Death says I've been a real help, he's going to show me the way back to the real world, all I have to do is go through the front door in the lobby, however I have to release all the souls.

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Fifth night.


Gregory mama asks Gregory if "that brat" is collecting souls, Gregory confirms I've released them all. She says she's going to "drink my soul".


First things first, I check the map and there's only Neko Zombie in the whole of the hotel so I go see her. She didn't think I'd make it this far and would end up a permanent guest of the hotel like all the others. She repeats what death had said, I just need to go through the lobby door and I'm free, she makes me promise that I'll "keep going and never look back" I walk round the entire ground floor checking all the doors before heading to the lobby, they're all locked so there's only one place to go.

And so I try the front door but it won't budge. As I desperately try to open it a shadow creeps up on me, it's Gregory Mama. She's "going to make me pay" and attacks me with her cane which also makes a crack in the door. Neko Zombie tells me not not give up, to get up, get out the door and into the real world.


When I come too, I'm in a room I've not visited before. I can't interact with anything here so I try the door, which opens into what looks like the basement.


I find some double doors with skulls for handles and go through them to find a flight of stairs which I ascend, a corridor leads to another flight which I climb up. Then go through the door at the top. I enter a room full of bottled up souls. I pick up the "key of hope" and leave the room.


I go back down both flights of stairs and through the double doors again, and continue to follow the basement corridor which zigzags back and forth. When I reach the end I find the airlock style door I couldnt get through previously and use the Key of Hope to unlock it then eventually find my way back to the lobby. A grill slams down behind me and Gregory Mama welcomes me back.


She chases me around the lobby, occasional casting fireballs at me, I think I need these to hit the door like in the earlier cut scene. After five fireballs hit the door it breaks open.


Gregory tries to get me to return to the hotel, but I ignorebhim and continue walking. A white ghost leaves his body and also tried to stop me but I keep running toward the red light at the end of the pathway that has appeared


Sixth night

Death appears and says I did good, he's impressed and says he'll send me back. Apparently I have unfinished business though?


Back at the hotel Neko Zombie asks what I'm doing there, she doesn't need my help, I remove her shackles and place a red bandana on her foot but she directed me to leave and stays in the hotel. Gregory Mama sends Gregory to get me but Neko Zombie appears in room and sets fire to it and the whole hotel. The fire consumes everything including the hotel guests.


A narrator (me?);says they escaped from the hotel, but the hotel was just an escape from their own reality, they couldn't really escape their room as the memory of it felt warm. To leave would be to face an empty future full of struggle, and they might find themselves returning to the hotel again, and if that were to happen they might never return to the real world. Then we see the hotel rebuilding itself and the twelve souls I freed return. Gregory says he knew I'd come back and offers me my old room to rest in.

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