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Nintendo DS (2005) - Zoo Keeper High Scores

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Hi all, 


A very specific query  - I have an old DS that I let my son play around with, we've recently bought a 2nd hand copy of ZooKeeper which works fine but has highscores from the last user stored, and seemingly no way of resetting them (I have googled this and the results are all fairly old and confirm as much). It's not essential to have these reset, but it would be nice... 


So, my question was is there anyway that I can tinker with the DS to allow me to alter things like highscores on games that don't have an in-built reset?

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Thanks for the answers - the scores are high enough so they have wiped out all the original scoreboard entries, maybe I could beat them - but as the game is more for my son than me it would defeat the objective somewhat.


It doesn't look to be a quick easy fix, which is a shame, but the sheer amount of modding that people seem to be able to do on the DS seems quite impressive. 


I'll re-read the link again tonight and decide if it's worth it (he might not care about high scores anyway...)

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This thread has brought back some memories, but also made me think about how the whole industry has changed with the adoption of mobile phones.  Can you imagine any company releasing Zoo Keeper today and selling it for £30?  Not a criticism of the game of course, but titles like this, and 42 All Time Classics were games I owned back in the day, and now would be 99p or free with in app purchases.  Much as I loved Zoo Keeper at the time, in 2019 I think, holy shit, £30 for that? We must have been mad.

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6 hours ago, carlospie said:

Just tell him they are your scores and to git gud 

It's a bold approach, he's only young but he'll have to learn one day... 


2 hours ago, Ninja Doctor said:

I re-bought zoo keeper last year and failed to find a way to wipe the saves. They’re not battery backed. 

Thanks - it's a shame, although he'll probably not even notice anyway.

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