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Noita - Game Of All Time


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  • 3 months later...

Hey, I picked it up!


Played it between PC and Deck for about 5 hours today.

What I learned:


- It’s fucking nails.

- But it’s really compelling.

- After 30+ runs, I have no idea what’s going on.

- Yet it’s really addictive.

- I’m shit at it and am yet to get past the third (snow) level.

- But yeah, it’s properly more-ish isn’t it?


Playing on m+k on the big screen is much much nicer for aiming than the controller on the Deck, but I’ll need to adapt as that’s where I’ll get most of my play time by far.


Lovely, crazy stuff though. Looking fwd to getting back in. And quite the bargain at £7.


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This has properly got its hooks in now. Tried loads of community configs on the Deck, some that use trackpad as mouse etc., even tried tweaking my own, but realised I’m best going with the default twin-stick set up and just learning it.


And I’m getting better. Still not got past the frozen world (3), but I’m putting together longer, smarter runs, and bagging more gold each time. Playing with wands a bit too to optimise DPS vs recharge time. It’s all rather lovely, and every death is a lesson. It’s funny as fuck too, of course.


Officially a fan.

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  • 6 months later...

Only played an hour or so but can see why some people love this, and why many more will bounce off very quickly.


It’s very clever, controls nicely, but is hard as nails and fucking hates you. 

At present I’m finding it quite intriguing and like the slower pace and exploring, the lack of any carry overs also means it’s your experience that is of value, not simply how long you’ve played and how much you unlocked.


I’ll definitely get my £7 value and can see me leaving it on the deck for ages and firing up every now and then, playing something like this on a handheld is amazing.

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  • 3 weeks later...

about 4h in now and this is such an odd game, I find it quite compelling despite realising that I'm crap at it and so much of what it has to offer is so bloody hard I'll likely never see it.


but it's so compulsive just playing the opening areas and slowly seeing the game reveal itself, plus the every pixel is simulated thing sounds a gimmick but blasting a lantern and seeing it slowly set fire to the surroundings is never anything less than compelling to watch, it's not a canned animation, you can somehow feel it's pixellated 'realness'


I've watched a few 'tips for noobs' videos on YouTube and a lot of those lose me instantly, but at the same time draw me in to the mystery of this game.


I kind of begrudgingly really like it, despite a lot of my runs lasting about 2-3m, I can see how if you start to unpick it's secrets you'd get obsessed with it.


Plays great on Deck too. 


A comment on one video summed it up when they said Dark Souls is what they play for light relief after playing Noita.

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  • 5 weeks later...

This has been my obsession since I received it from Santa. Finally managed a win tonight, after many, many deaths. I've started poking around the wiki, looks like there's tons of stuff I haven't found yet.

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On 24/11/2022 at 10:25, Gotters said:

good lord, the wands are almost a mini visual programming tool, which the game makes no effort to explain at all !


It's intimidating to see all these different icons early on, but it's not that complicated! (Well, there are secret spells later on that are literally for logic programming. But it's mostly like a very broad version of Gunstar Heroes' weapon system.)


I don't know how people can play with a pad, it's so reliant on hovering and aiming precisely at the same time.


I don't think it's that hard/hostile, at least to do a linear run through the levels to the end - I'd say it's a fair bit easier than Spelunky. It is more chaotic though.


I've played it loads over the last couple of years and hardly bothered with the weird secret areas and bosses and stuff, I was quite happy pootling about in the early areas for as long as possible building silly wands, tripping on fungus and using the environment to set traps for the monsters.


I did do one secret quest which permanently unlocked a spinning exploding fireball spell which is a bit overpowered.

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