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In my sick bed. Need sci-fi.

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I’m gonna be in bed all weekend sick with a viral nightmare. 


Want it to watch good sci-fi tv shows or movies. 


Age doesnt matter. 


Ive probably seen 80% of everything you’re about to suggest but really need some inspiration. 

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1 hour ago, Commander Jameson said:

My usual list:





Time Lapse


The Quiet Earth


(Get well soon!)


Thanks!  Bolded ones I’ve not seen. 


1 hour ago, Michael J Glocks said:

Phase IV

High Life

World on a Wire

A Boy and His Dog


Don’t think I’ve seen any of those ones.


thank you. 


55 minutes ago, Mr Do 71 said:

Time Trap. ;)


Seen and loved. :)


38 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

Four replies and nobody mentioned The Expanse? There's madness in every direction. 


Seen also!


11 minutes ago, Ivanho said:

Another Life (Netflix). It’s enjoyable trash


Now on the list. Not seen this one. 


10 minutes ago, Thor said:



Also seen and used to love. 



Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep them coming. 

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22 minutes ago, glb said:

Upgrade, released earlier this year, is a great B-movie.


Seen it. Was pretty good. 


25 minutes ago, Silent Runner said:

When I’m sick all I want to watch is Next Generation.


Funny, was watching this earlier and appeared to be an episode I really don’t seem to remember (where warf breaks his back...). 

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28 minutes ago, Sponge said:


I'd advise against that, and just watch this instead


  Hide contents




The show where the writers understand space travel less than the writers in Star Trek Discovery, it's quite remarkable. I gave up ten minutes into episode 2...

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It’s a doc... but Apollo 11 is astounding. No narration, just a beautifully poignant run-through of the moon landing mission. So, so good :wub:



*obviously not fiction, but think it fits the bill if you’re even remotely interested in the science. Could pair it with First Man too.

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I have a real soft spot for the James Cameron written, Kathryn Bigelow directed sci-if thriller Strange Days. Its got great performances from Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Micheal Wincott and Tom Sizemore is in it too. Bigelow takes the POV style she sprinkled into Point Break to a whole new level here, it’s unashamedly 90s, uncomfortably dark while also managing to be funny and emotional (especially if you’re not well). 


Also recommend Starcrash.



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