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Rate the last film you watched out of 5

Raoull duke

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Split Second/5


The future of 2008, global warming has resulted in a flooded London, and someone with a personal connection to cop Harley Stone, is ripping out people’s hearts. 

Harley works alone, so he’s given a partner with a stupid name, and you spend the whole film wondering how long Dick Durkin will last.


with a bit more money we’d be calling this a classic, the concept is sound, but it’s a little creaky where it really matters. The set dressing is ok, the camera is a little to close to the actors to cover up the cost-cutting. 

The finale in “Cannon Street” is impressive, and was shot by a 2nd director, with both credited. The killer, designed by Steven Norrington, in less than a month, is less giger-alien inspired than I remember.

the cast is stellar. A film with both Alum Armstrong AND Pete Postlethwaite I’m supporting roles? Ian Drury? Kim Catralls breasts! Herman from Scrooged turns up as the rat catcher!


its funny too. I’m pretty sure Hauer slips in at least two looks to camera, as his partner goes through some major character development. It’s a buddy-cop movie that... doesn’t take itself too seriously. But they make it believable when it has to be.

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Logan Lucky - 3.5/5

What if Steven Soderbergh remade his Ocean's heist films with Coen Brothers characters?


Wonder Woman: Bloodlines - 2.5/5

The latest straight-to-DVD animated DC feature begins with yet another run through through Diana's origin story (though fortunately this one is over and done with quite quickly). That's followed by adaptations of several comics storylines crammed together, none of which are given enough time to do them justice.


DC Showcase: Death - 3/5

This short based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman/Death comics is a bonus feature on the Bloodlines Blu-Ray (and it's also on YouTube... for now). Although it's an original story written by J.M. DeMatteis, it's highly reminiscent of two stories in the Dream Country collection ("Calliope" from Sandman #17 and "Facade" from Sandman #20), and so it won't hold any surprises to anyone familiar with the way that Sandman stories involving Death tend to go. But it's atmospheric, and it's nice to finally get an official on-screen version of something involving the Endless.


Groundhog Day - 4.5/5

First time I've rewatched it in nearly 20 years, but I remembered it well. Still great. :wub:

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To be fair to Gord on Taxi Driver, I think when I watched it for the first time, it wasn't what I expected either. I'm not sure what I expected to be honest. And I remember not liking it much. But subsequent viewings have proven how wrong I was with my initial feelings about the movie. It's a monumental piece of film making.

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Fire in Babylon




i may have mentioned, in the cricket thread, despite being West Indian by heritage, and havibg grown up in a West Indian household, to quote 10cc, I don’t like cricket-ah...*


having watched this film, I get it.  fills in the gaps. The importance not just of the matches, but of the game, the sport itself. 

what I find interesting is that the documentary plants itself inside the WI team of the late 70s, early 80s, and let’s the players speak of the what’s and why’s, and uses old footage to show what they faced on and off the pitch. Then adds social commentary of those who noticed the changes that the success of the team brought. And how the two threads: WI cricket, and civil rights, are intertwined.



* I love it!

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A plot which skips back and forth — 5 years later, three years earlier, two years later, six months earlier etc. — that I gave up trying to follow it and tried to enjoy the action. But there’s one good action scene and the ending splutters like a wet fart.


2 out of 5

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Gone Girl - 2/5


Think this was let down by the casting. Not that either of the two leads were bad necessarily. 



It was like they were both playing two different parts based on perception. And they were both only good at it on the back end so to speak. 


Affleck as the relatable asshole and Rosamund Pike as the psycho bitch. She was just far too reptilian even when she was meant to be the victim. And he never really came across as the type to have hit or much less killed her. Even the false memory scene where he pushed her it didn't seem to fit his character at all. The result was that it was predictable as fuck. A blind man galloping past on a horse could have seen the unreliable narrator twist coming. 


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Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World. Brilliantly made and cast. Set during the Napoleonic wars, full of excitement and drama. Beautifully filmed with a real sense of place and time. And a real 'weight' to the sea-battles. 


It should have been the start of a great franchise but for whatever reason it never happened. 



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I just watched the extended cut of Fellowship of the Ring.


It's been a good few years since I last watched any LOTR.


Hmmmm. Maybe it's the tarnishing effect of the Hobbit trilogy or maybe it's just the dated nature of the CGI, but it's sort of starting to look quite crap. Everything is all smeary and glowy, looks too unnatural and highlights how much of it was digitally added, which is a damn shame considering how much of it was actually physically present.


I've also lost tolerance for Peter Jackson cranking everything up to 11 for emotional impact.


Like that end bit when Sam follows Frodo's boat into the river despite not being able to swim. We see him struggling in the water, sinking, twitching, going still, mouth open, hanging motionless,  give it a bit longer and yup, he's finally dead. Then Frodo hauls him onto the boat 'in the nick of time'.


Don't want to rate it but it's less than it used to be/5.

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