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Rate the last film you watched out of 5

Raoull duke

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Gone Girl 5/5


Always thought I had watched this but it turns out I had confused it with Gone Baby Gone with the other Affleck.  Anyways, what an absolute masterclass in thrilling storytelling and filmmaking.  David Fincher at his very best and Rosamund Pike plays one of the best psycho women ever.

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Apollo 13/5


one of Ron Howards, so Clint's in it. Pretty darned accurate, according to the wiki article.

tense too, even though I've seen it plenty of times, and we know how it ends.


Airforce One/5


"give me back my plane!".

OK, it's not a 1/5 film really, I was messing about with the title as score (see also apollo 13/5).

But in hindsight, it's not as good as Executive Decision.

Terribly jingoistic, proper Tom Clancy lite, and ropey as fuck CGI too.

Though it did give us the inspiration for the first episode of NCIS, so...



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Saturday night double bill.


Pet Sematary (2019) - 1/5 - Shite. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home - 4/5 - Far from shite.


I quite liked The Illusionist, was on my own in the US once and went to the cinema where there was a choice between that and The Wicker Man (2006). Christ, I wish I'd have watched The Illusionist instead. Not the bees!

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The Laundromat - 3/5


A tremendously good ensemble cast put in some great performances in a film in the style of The Big Short, which unfortunately only has about a third of its energy.  It feels a bit like a rehearsal rather than the actual movie, and it probably would have benefited from a different soundtrack.

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2 hours ago, Boothjan said:

The Wicker Man (1973)


Count Dooku suffers from bed hair in this total rip off of Hot Fuzz




You silly sausage it isn't a rip off of Hot Fuzz. Wicker Man (2006) is a rip off of Hot Fuzz. The 73 version is a (shoddy imo) remake of that classic rip off of Hot Fuzz. 

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Sisters (1972)


It's a pain in the arse when a film that's hard to get hold of/never shows up on telly/you've wanted to see for years finally becomes accessible*... then turns out to be crap. Some good plot ideas and neat camera work, but it never coalesces into a good film. De Palma gonna De Palma. 


2 conjoined twins / 5


*it's now available on Amazon Prime

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Halloween (1978)


Never seen it before - a delightful 90 minutes of cool lighting, clever shot juxtaposition and moody music.




Solo (2018)


Only the 2nd time I've seen it and still an enjoyable if ultimately unnecessary jaunt. Still hate L3 though.




Fundamentals of Caring (2016)


The ageless Paul Rudd becomes a carer for a wheelchair-bound English teenager with a debilitating muscle condition. The interaction and chemistry between the two is great, and this ends up being much funnier than it has any right to be with the humour close to the limits at times, but it always gets away with it. Heartwarming and fun. Enjoyed this.



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Alien Covenant - 


I said out loud while watching this that it's as if the director never saw Alien. And then I looked up who the director was. And it was Ridley fucking Scott and I just don't understand how that's even possible. 


I award it zero points. 

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What the fuck? Who actually watches this shit and enjoys it? One of the most classless pieces of shit I've ever seen. I guess I'm not the target audience and frankly, I'm glad.


There are 2 more from this series apparently. Fucking hell.




1/5 as it made me laugh a couple of times with how fucking awful it was

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Pacific Rim Uprising - 2/5


Oh yeah, I'd completely forgotten that Ellen McLain had been in the first one as the AI voice, with the same voice effects as GLaDOS! Portal was great, wasn't it? Can we talk about Portal again?


At least almost all of the action scenes are in daylight. I appreciate that.

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