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Pixar's Soul


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On 29/12/2020 at 16:52, DukeOfEarlsfield said:

Is this a joke post?


Bruce Almighty is about a guy who does local reporting for his tv studio who is fixated on getting the main anchor role, whose partner is a desperate-to-be-married Jennifer Anistan and who admits he's unhappy with his life. The opening scene of the film is him bored, going through the motions with barely concealed contempt, presenting a clip in a bakery. He eventually gets the anchor job and realises he doesn't want it.


The film ends with him embracing the goofiness of local reporting; he was chasing esteem and status with the anchor role that this can't provide. But perhaps it's more fun, and he gets to be outside and meet interesting and eccentric characters and it connects him to the community where he lives. The anchor role in comparison -while the pinnacle of his profession where he's watched by millions more- is contained inside a soulless studio, dull passive reading of the autocue.


A mainstream hollywood film promoting local community? That's not normal really. 



Apparently, yes.


People can pretend they were deeply affected by the psychological trauma of Oldboy or just admit the guy locked in room going crazy was fun to watch then the one shot hammer fight was really cool.


All the tragedy and emotion (and even pathos perhaps) in Kill Bill was ignored by everyone who hated the second part and how it concluded, preferring the throwaway endless fights of part 1. 


I don't really put my life on hold until Pixar release another film so I can learn what human nature is all about, so I wouldn't be looking for something deep and meaningful in a bloody action film from them either. I mean they can try to if they want, but I'm speaking purely superficially and tonally and stylistically I'd like a left turn by them. 


For every director you can think of who is brilliant in one genre, it's fun to think how they'd approach something else. Who wouldn't want to see a Paul Thomas Anderson sci fi, where he shows off like he did in Boogie Nights and Magnolia. A 1970s Los Angeles set film about ex child actor Bradley Cooper yeahhh I guess...sure, whatever. We just had Inhere..no it will do.


Maybe Pixar could collaborate with Gareth Evans. Don't ask if I'm joking again. 

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Saw this last night.

Very nearly turned it off during the metaphysical realm stuff of act 1 - the film totally disappeared up its own arse!  The only reason we kept it on was that we liked the last Pixar film.  It got better from the point of the soul switching and ended up good overall.

Music was sensational, loved there being completely different styles for each world type.

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