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A Short Hike (PC/Mac) - now on the greatest console ever™ (i.e. Switch)

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4 minutes ago, Rex Grossman said:


When you finish the story can you just go back down and mop up?


Yea you can, just choose continue from the start menu.


Up to 19 gold feathers now!  Think I'll just use a guide for the last one.

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Does anyone know how to enter the running race? I think that’s the only bit I didn’t do.


I mean I effortlessly outpaced them round the circuit a couple of times to display my superior power, but they didn’t seem impressed.

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Is that possible? I had initially thought it must be, but no amount of speaking to the animals seems to trigger anything. We’re told that registration is closed quite near the beginning, so I’m thinking not. 

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On 20/08/2020 at 07:28, milko said:

Apparently the Switch version has a little motorboat you can blat around in :-O


BTW the PC version has it too now. 


Go back and rent out a boat and make sure you take the boat owner's kid out with you.


One of my favourite games of the year.

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14 hours ago, Rex Grossman said:

Got to the top of the mountain this afternoon. Lovely stuff. Still some things left to do though.


This sort of the thing is the reason I love achievements. Gives me an excuse to spend more time with a game I'm enjoying.

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