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Most bad ass scenes in film


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Can we include TV series as well?



It's reminiscent of the amazing light and dark ninja fight from the original run of the series:wub:


Hard Boiled's unbroken long take has been posted, but my favourite John Woo action scene has always been this from The Killer:




No John Wick nominations yet? There are probably four or five action scenes from Chapter 3 alone that are worthy of being posted here


(library, horses, dogs in the desert, glass room, and the final shootout against baddies with helmets and armour)

but I'm going to go for the catacombs shootout from Chapter 2. Partly because it manages the rare feat of being an action scene in the dark that's completely coherent, but mostly for the shotgun pinning+reloading at 2:43:



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On 17/08/2019 at 11:40, Boozy The Clown said:



That’s what I was here to post, got such soft spot for it - it was the first John Woo film I saw.


Chow Yun-Fat’s reaction to the explosion at 1:15 is real, it was much larger than expected.  Also after recently reading the Washington Post article about the male stars of F&F series keeping track of how much damage they take and the others deal so they’re all the same, it’s nice to see them all get fucked up.

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I was too young to really grasp what was going on but I remember squeezing my Mum’s hand til it was numb in the cinema during all of those Close Encounters opening scenes from the initial blinding desert to Roy’s first encounter in the truck.


That 25-30 mins was intense as fuck as a kid (yet still didn’t quite prepare me for the visual/sonic onslaught of the Superman opening credits), it was complete sensory GBH and having re-watched it again a couple months back for the umpteenth time those scenes still are.

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Television doesn't count by the way...


For a scene to be really badass , for me, anyway, there has to be some element of realism. Take @Uncle Mike's example of Millers crossing, or @scruffycat's example of Dead Man's Shoes. They both have a element of realism in there, and the background against those moments add to the scene. Its all well and good having a fantastical CGI moment, but we know it's fantasy. For something to be truly badass it has to be something you can relate to; something you can actually imagine someone doing and them being crazy/skilled/desperate enough to do it. 


I like @Plums suggestion of Dennis Hopper too, but that's not so much badass , as accepting fate with style. Badasses don't accept their fate; they fight against it, that's what makes it badass.

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