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Edge #336 | Disintegration

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Disintegration doesn't exactly sound like it's going to revolutionise FPS games, but at the same time it sounds like a new Bungie game, except without the loot-chasing and without the massively multiplayer element - the grav-bikes sound like the sparrows from Destiny, and the aesthetic looks a lot like Halo: Reach, especially that two-page spread of concept art of a city. Sounds pretty enticing to me - I like the idea of a new Bungie-style adventure, especially one where I can explore the Bungie-esque environments at my own pace without the nagging feeling that I should be doing a bounty or pushing forward on a quest or doing an activity for powerful engrams, and without other players distractingly emoting all over the place.


The backstory, specifically the bits where your character's called Romer Shoal and he's the cyborg presenter of Space Top Gear, is a bit bonkers. Sounds a bit like the boss has had a few ideas and unlike Bungie, there's nobody senior enough to talk him out of them, but the actual game sounds fun.

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Presumably there's no coverage of Bloodstained because it's not worth your time... or because they'll be bringing you the whole story - not just a handful of intro screenshots and a mouthful of garbled rumour.



Thanks, Edge issue one text


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20 hours ago, Nate Dogg III said:

...but I’ve been on hols the last two weeks and am blissfully ignorant of what’s going on. 


There was also some discussion regarding some discrepancy in your magazine's scoring.


In case you missed it.



Every month.






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On 15/08/2019 at 20:03, Nate Dogg III said:


Just coincidence. Star Wars we didn’t do one because there was hardly any art about (and Disney’s approval process doesn’t really fit with our habit of telling PRs at E3 that we want to put their game on the cover and please show us all the art you have immediately) and we felt the text lifted the image. Without it, it just looked like something was missing. 


This month is one of those occasions where we’ve gone so nuts on the treatments for the newsstand cover that anything different we did for subs would have felt inferior to it. We want subs to have the most beautiful version, not just a different one. Sometimes that will mean you get the same as the newsagent. But only rarely. Normal service will resume in due course (hopefully this month but I’ve been on hols the last two weeks and am blissfully ignorant of what’s going on). 


I’ve been a constant subscriber since I bought the issue 1 and although the magazine bores me silly nowadays (yes, I still have a subscription) I always think the covers are absolute wonders.

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39 minutes ago, jonamok said:

Ah yes, from the same august organ that asked on a recent cover Is Google Stadia your next console? ;)

that sounds like a standard Betteridge’s Law example, maybe even on purpose!

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The 'controlling a grav bike floating at all times' with shooty reminds me of



and lots of other flying pew pew games i guess


what would be novel from a fps developer would be eschewing everything that has gone wrong with the genre for 20 years. a single player with tight limited paths, hand drawn death animations, objectives that are interesting and not trivial, levels that unravel and surprise, and lots of them, an appreciation for specific design in moments and going through on higher difficulty settings loving the challenge to be more economical with movement and precise with shooting accuracy, that repetitive transformation, sense of improvement at minimizing mistakes and learning. That feeling of; i really need to be perfect to make it through, that feeling of a game being impenetrable without resorting to grind. Goldeneye, okay. I want them to return to Goldeneye's design okay.

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I always liked the Nintendo 64 version of "Forsaken" aka 'Condemned.' Once again Acclaim's lawyers decided that the game could not be called 'Condemned' because of the potential of too many claims against it. Did not seem to stop Warner Brothers on the 360 a decade or so later. The N64 version was done up at Iguana UK. Back then there was always talk of 'a 64DD version that would be more like the high end PC' but I can't remember much more.


It can be used a great example of a game where the marketing approach was completely different between Europe and the USA. The UK HQ got a new Boss and he used an agency he had an existing relationship with. They pitched a stark photographic image with a heavily pierced catwalk model. I remember being there when she came into the office. She was going to be 'the face of the game.' Phrases like that always made me nervous. The game came about because Fergus McGovern had a PC team into 3DFX visuals and played a LOT of 'Descent' online on the then powerful Croydon office connection.


The supermodel approach was rejected in favour of a much more boring and indistinct 'fire approach' with a plane with the letter 'F' on it.


The US office hated both of those, and it was a clear case of 'not developed here' syndrome pretty much. Slick fast PC games wasn't their thing. So they insisted on a PlayStation port being done.

Probe dutifully took this one on , and the N64 version sent up to Teesside. Naturally they jumped at it because for once it wasn't a baseball of basketball game for them to do.

The US folks them came up with hiring a Baywatch model to be 'the face of the game' (yep it was the 1990's folks) and came up with a totally different logo.

There were a few sales and marketing careers on the line with this title. Hopes were very very high.


I was roped in to demo the game in Scandinavia. I remember a couple of stressful nights as back then, PC *really* wasn't my thing. And I could not play mouse and keys for toffee. Still can't.

So hardly the best person to demo the game. Also remember my hosts getting completely trashed on some clear Nordic spirit and being unable to tell me where I was sleeping for the night.

Cue walking outside in the heaviest thickest snow I had ever seen and getting a Volvo taxi to the airport. The female driver must have been a pro rally driver on the side as I held on for dear life as she pulled an incredible long slide all the way down a curved slip road onto a deserted snowbound motorway. Both terrifying and impressive at the same time. And she had her head pointing out the drivers side window to hold the correct line! Anyway, I digress....


The game did average to below average in the end. Despite good reviews across the board, the game was badly hurt by the poor performance on opening weekend of the PSX port. The game looked muddy and the attempt to modify the PC control scheme on the PSX controller did not work well. HMV were on the phone the very next Monday and cut all their orders by more than half for the other formats.


It was a similar situation in the USA IIRC. I could be wrong there, but the market was dominated by PlayStation at the time.


That said, the bit that did go across well was the use of "Donna D" as 'the Forsaken Girl' and her E3 signing appearance was booked...

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Covers that didn't age well #1



Disintegration, the sci-fi shooter from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, will be ending multiplayer support across all platforms (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC) on 17th November due to a lack of "sufficient audience", just five months after launch.

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It's a shame because it was a Private Division game, i.e instead of publishers owning the IP in return for funding, this was private funders who are all figures in the game industry putting up their own money for developers to do creator-owned work.


That said, The Outer Worlds did pretty well, so hopefully the benefactors aren't taking too much of a hit here.

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