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Retro Game Club - August ‘19: Daytona Series

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On 13/08/2019 at 16:52, spatular said:

i had a go of the xbox version the other day (couldn't remember how to play it, kept crashing), but then saw the leaderboards, not sure i can cope with this right after spending what seemed like 100's of hours chasing times in virtua racing so think i'll leave it alone for now :)


This isn't the spatular I know. What's wrong with you!

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Used to love this back in its day (playing it in the Yohan Plaza in Colindale, London, when I should have been in sixth form). Got decent at it, but never really mastered it. 


When I got the Dreamcast version (JP), I remember plugging in the wheel and getting the same feeling for control as the arcade (never really tried it with the joypad), but it only felt like half a game - it was great to try the time trials and race for 1st, and practice the crazy expert course, but the game really came alive when there were eight cabs linked together. 


Unlike 8 player Virtua Racing, where even the slightest contact would send you into a spin, and there just didn't seem to be room on the track, eight player Daytona was like a driving/fighting game. You could grind on the other cars as you jockey for position, and the closeness of the racing was just great. I remember playing an 8-player race, and I was in 2nd the entire time, as I was racing a master of the game, always ahead of me. To my eternal shame, I decided on the last lap that I'd had enough of this master, and straight-lined the last corner and took us both out. I remember my mate from school (who'd been 3rd the whole race) yelling 'I've won!' and sneaking a look across the cabs. I heard someone say 'what happened?' and someone else saying 'just got taken out'. I still get mixed feelings about it. I'm probably not a nice person. 


Gave the Dreamcast game a go just now, and it still looks great, but my old wheel is knackered, and I struggled to get the same precision with the pad (can sort of do it, but its just not the same) and like everyone else has said, can't do the expert course to save my life. 


Grabbed the PS3 version, and its a little easier to handle...but I think i've been spoiled by all those 8 player games. I guess you can't always go back. 


Also, the Dreamcast version has a bunch of new tracks which I seem to have completely missed the first time around. I just never checked. 


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