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How're Your Hands? And Other Gaming Related Injuries.


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Interesting time for this thread to appear. I really like PC gaming and have got back into it big time over the last 18 months. Ive recently been suffering from a pain in my thumb bone, upper arm and shoulder. For full disclosure I also work with a computer 9-5. Just staying off the PC and playing the Xbox One X has noticeably made a difference. It’s only been 48 hours but I feel miles better physically. :o

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On 26/07/2019 at 18:51, Mugman said:


Anyone else had any experience with games breaking them? Or any advice on how to fix my poor, breaking hands? 


I lost some feeling in the middle finger of my right hand when I was obsessively playing After Burner Climax. It would range between some slight pain to complete numbness while playing, and felt tingly and strange at all other times. After I stopped chasing high scores it took about a year and a half to recover from, and as I type this I'm rubbing my fingertips together and I'm certain it's still not completely right.


So in my case it was just taking a break that helped - but not from all games, only that one. It must have been something about the tension that caused me to grip it in a certain way for After Burner only...

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