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Jo jo rabbit - new Taika Waititi movie


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On 11/02/2020 at 15:38, Mugman said:

Just on the way back from this and am really happy to see not only a thread full of people praising it, but also kicking the shit out of Bradshaw and Collin for simply not understanding what the film is going for; 

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Jojo Rabbit isn’t a Satire of Nazi Germany. It’s touted as an Anti-Hate Satire, not an Anti-Nazi Satire. The whole point of the thing is to ask the question “why would people hate?” In Jojo’s case it’s the uniforms, the friends, the glorification of the invincible leader who eats unicorns and jumps out of windows. Because he’s a ten year old boy and that's how you indoctrinate ten year old boys. 

When Robbie Collin says that the satire doesn’t work because everyone believes Jews have horns and are evil and that's ridiculous, he’s again missed the point. The reason Rebel Wilson is telling an audience of ten year olds that Jewish people can read minds etc can be seen in two ways. 

1. they are ten year olds and this is the kind of thing that will build them into hating. Jojo hasn’t learned to be the way he is just through posters; stimulus comes from a number of places. Look at parents telling their kids over the dinner table that “foreigners steal all our jobs” and “there’s no room in hospital because of all of the immigrants”, shit regurgitated that makes kids build these opinions over time. 

2. she’s representative of another way that this kind of thing spreads. Via stupidity. All of the stories she repeats are about members of her family but they always sound like retellings rather than things she's directly experienced. So maybe she’s thick, and gets told this nonsense by her father about cousins etc, then tells an audience full of ten year olds who believe it to be fact because it’s come “from an adult.” 


Sam Rockwell's character isn't a "stupid Nazi that takes away from how evil everything was" because the whole idea is that to ten year olds in Nazi Germany these people weren't evil. They were Mum's friend and the guy down at the Scout Hut and the source of all of these kid's information. The very things that colour who they are as people. It just so happens that the Scout Hut in question is teaching kids to hate Jewish people and throw Grenades. Then you add in that he's a closeted homosexual that's being forced to fight for the Nazis because what the fuck else is he going to do and it adds another layer to that person. 





Bradshaw on the other hand can go and sit on a big spike. It's clear from his review he's made no attempt to engage what's in front of him and has basically gone "No thank you" and written out the plot of the thing and not really formed any arguments. He's a terrible critic that's way out of touch with pretty much everything he comes into contact with. 


The fact that Bradshaw gave the last Star Wars film 4 stars and this movie 1 means he can eat a massive bag of dicks.



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I'm a fan of Taika Waititi, both his films and the guy's personality in general.

I was aware of the premise of the film, which I thought would make for some great satire and have had this on my watch list for a while. 


Saw it the other day, I absolutely adored it. Way more than I was expecting, it has to rank as one of the best films I've seen in a good while. 

Totally hilarious, and really affecting. I loved it. 5/5


I'm finding that film opinion now-a-days to really vary wildly and I basically can't really believe the 1 star reviews that some critics have given it. That really seems like a lot of the critics are completely tone-deaf and the satire of the film flew right over their heads. 

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22 minutes ago, Delargey said:

Peter Bradshaw's review genuinely made me mad.

I'm genuinely baffled by how he's gotten away with his tone deaf on the surface spoiler stained prose for decades. I could understand it if he wrote reviews for middle England tories in the Daily Mail but The Guardian need to replace him with someone with their finger on the pulse, or just a pulse.

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Brilliant movie, actually a lot better than I expected which is always nice. A lot of emotions wrapped in a easy to follow story 


It just perfectly tapped into that innocence of being young - which made the Facist brainwashing much more effective.


Loved it!

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I think this video on Jojo Rabbit and The Book Thief (book, not the film) touches on maybe the thing many film critics are hitting when they criticise it for not doing the holocaust properly, and that’s the distinction between stories about/involving Jewish people durning the holocaust and stories where the Jews are an object in the story but not people in it.  The author (person who created the video) explains it much better and it comes quite near the start:



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