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Gaming for free?


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So not sure if I should put this in here or ask the forum as it's for my benefit but it might be of some to others,


I need to reign in my spending for a couple of months so I'll be playing some of my backlog of games along with 1 game that's already been pre-ordered and paid for, however I like to constantly try games that i've never experienced before even if it's just to dip in and out of.


By free I mean, you have to really experience the full game without spending a penny, i'm not going to restrict this to 1 console etc as other's might find this useful if we do keep it going. So games that are pay to win are no go's but game's where you buy camo's / skins etc are fine.



So for me it was Apex Legends and I intend to go back to that shortly having not played it for a bit but i'm after some other suggestions. Is dauntless any good? I enjoyed planetside 2 way back, does it still have a decent following? Are any of the free to play mmo's worth a go?

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Path of Exile and Warframe are both free, gives you free reign over accessing content (money is used for conveniences and cosmetics), and fun to play - in my own experience, for at least several hundred hours per game.


Destiny 2's first year of content is going free to play under the New Light monicker in a couple of months - for all the faults in terms of how bungie handled the first year in terms of mechanics, that's still a ton of content to chew through, the improved gearing that was added to the game in year 2 benefits greatly, and even without that it's one of the most satisfying FPS games to play.


As well your backlog, check out any games you might have got as part of another subscription - for example, Amazon Prime's Twitch Prime service giving out free games every month.


EDIT: Also, don't forget free games from Epic Store, EA Origin and GOG on PC. As much as different storefronts cause grief, you can't beat the price of it all.

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Pretty sure the Xbox Game Pas Ultimate deal ended, but it was a fantastic offer, and probably means I won't buy another Bone game..


Possibly not what you are looking for, but Pokemon Go would be on my list.  It takes video games, and the outdoors, and indeed a social environment and combined them very well, and you can easily play with no payment.


I'd imagine most of the better free games out there have some element of pay to win though.


There probably isn't a better time to gaming on a budget however (I appreciate this isn't what you asked, and perhaps with the exception of Switch) 

Ps3 and Xbox 360 titles are increadibly cheap, and the Ps4 and Bone have been out for long enough that you can pick up must own titles for next to nothing.  PC is presumably the same though I never game on them so no idea.

I'd be tempted to cancel your preorder if possible and re-assign the funding to a pile of older games personally..

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Destiny 2 and Starcraft 2 have already been mentioned, both great games.


Epic store give away a new game every two weeks, and it's a rough 50/50 split between good and mediocre.


Loads of daft little free games and weird stuff on itch.io.

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I think you can play a good chunk of Final Fantasy XIV without paying these days. probably just the non-expansion content, but still will get a few weeks or months out of it! Regular players will know the limitations better if they want to pipe up.

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I found Hearthstone to be a pretty good f2p, though it can be pretty brutal as a new player. And I eventually succumbed and spent way too much money on it! 


What's that other one, like card battler but with a combat grid / board, with the lovely pixel art? 


There's also that f2p monster hunter thing.. Dauntless? 

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If you like Trek then Star Trek Online is ok as a free to play. I have played a few hours of this without sinking any money into it and have upgraded to better class ships without it feeling like a terrible grind.


Shonky graphics though!

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I had a lot of fun with the freebie Smash clone Brawlhalla back in the day - you're stuck with a limited roster if you want to go completely free, but there are lots of other players using that limited roster. :D 






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6 hours ago, Freeman said:

Pretty sure the Xbox Game Pas Ultimate deal ended


It looks like it's still running, if anyone hasn't taken advantage of it yet:



The other day, MS were even advertising the fact you could load up on Live or Game Pass months before converting, calling it a 'life hack'. So they must be getting a ton of new subs out of it.

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Old, ugly, tough to get into... But once you do it'll be there forever! Subspace Continuum is a 22 year old Massively Multiplayer top down RTS set in space and it still has an active community! You will most likely get destroyed, over and over again brutally and find yourself in servers with strange and confusing rulesets but every kill you get will feel like a real achievement! And as you start to get the hang of all the hot keys and special moves you'll start to feel like a master criminal, landing sneaky, sneaky traps and getting inside your enemy's mind.

I highly suggest finding a guide to follow and playing on the Death Star maps to start off with.



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