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I'm a terrible artist

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I'm not a good artist. what you see is the good stuff in between the mountains of rubbish. 


for every one of these ...





there are 20 of these ...



The trick is to just keep going, practice and try something new each time. but never give up and never think you're shit. The next picture is always going to be better, even Monet and Van Gogh thought that, which is why they kept painting.  


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I have hundreds of Dpaint drawings on my old Amiga's hard disk that look exactly like Flubs.


I've got a PCMIA compact flash adaptor but and I've been meaning to back them up for ages now but it all hinges on whether I can install the adaptor driver without needing any of the keys on the keyboard that no longer work*.


In summary: I have been and frequently still am a terrible artist and I also failed to take proper care of my Amiga.




*(possible capacitor leak or damaged motherboard connector I've changed the keyboard membrane without any luck)

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I’m trying to pick up stuff to teach myself, like drawing a circle with a triangle under it and some lines through it to get an idea of proportions for faces. 


My first scribbled attempts and a go at trying to get a likeness. 






Im avoiding using a rubber as much as possible to force me to keep doing new pics (rather than spending time on one and going crazy - not that I get much time). I can see that the mouth is wrong and the hat is pulled down too low, so as long as I’m realising this stuff hopefully I’ll improve. I don’t think ultimately it really matters if you think you’re rubbish, I enjoy the momentary peace of focusing on something and having a go at bringing it to life on the page. Wish I’d started years ago tbh. I expect I’ll buy a ‘how to draw’ book one day and discover all the secrets (I love the technical side of art) - that’s always felt weirdly like cheating before, I’m all for it these days.

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