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The King's Man - Kingsman prequel


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23 hours ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

This had better be good enough to rinse away the taste of the sequel. 


The sequel had some fun moments, but the return of Harry was a huge misstep. In that respect, I do prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. 

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8 hours ago, JohnC said:

In their big release date update the other day, Disney have pushed this back a whole 7 months to September.


Hard to tell if this is good or bad. Normally folks get shuffled for being crap, but maybe Disney consider it sort of the competition? 


Either way, doesn't look good for a follow up.

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I'm calling it. Upcoming press release will be:



Disney are excited to announce that The King's Man will be simultaneously released in theatres and streaming platforms on the opening day as part of an exciting new business model that shows the future of cinema.


Which can be read as "we have zero chance of making our money back from the marketing budget if this gets released only in cinemas"

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Saw this last night and enjoyed it. Tonally it's very different to the previous films. Far more grounded with plenty of heart to it. It's not overloaded with action by any means but when it's there it feels threatening.


I enjoyed the WW1 context and the narrative around it. There's a few moments which caught me out and took the film down a slightly different path to what I thought was planned but it all sits together well.


The whole thing is capped off with an absolutely absurd post credits scene which will certainly make for a controversial sequel, if they choose to pursue it:



They reveal the next shadowy agent of chaos is a little known bloke called Adolf Hitler!


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Saw this last night and thought it was absolutely dreadful with a plot that made no sense whatsoever. 



I shall post my thoughts here:

Well the premise of the story is that an angry Scotsman created a shadow organisation and wants to bring down England by creating World War 1.

Negating the fact that:
A) It was Britain that went to war not England
B) Scottish soldiers are seen dying in the movie on the battlefields
C) A Scottish guy is in a minor role in the movie due to him delivering a message to the Duke and then suddenly becoming a member of Kingsman even though the Duke’s son had met him for hardly anytime at all. 
D) A fucking English actor plays the angry Scotsman with an accent that veers from fake Glaswegian to fake Aberdonian. Why not use a Scottish actor? 
E) The twist is just shit and was not needed in the slightest. You didn’t see him enough to even think about him being the bad guy and when the reveal came it was a giant damp squib of a ‘who the fuck cares’.


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I really enjoyed the fight with 



Rasputin. How it riffed off the pub fight from the other films, with a trouserless posh berk fighting with his cane. I also enjoyed Rasputin's fighting style with all the Russian flourishes.


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