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New Mortal Kombat reboot


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Watched it on Saturday night with the other half and I thought it was OK, and it leads to me buying her MK11 Ultimate on the PS4, so something went right for them somewhere.


I liked the funny, I liked the Easter eggs, some desert stuff was nice looking and I really enjoyed the gore. 


We spent a lot of the time on IMDB wondering where the other half recognized people from (A lot came from Home & Away) and I found out Kano is the exact same age as me down to the day but thank fuck I don't look as rough as that. 


We were doing this while the film was playing in the background, which kind of gives you the idea of how grabbed by it, we were. 





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This'll be available to rent next week in the UK finally. Which was announced a few hours after I succumbed and sailed the high seas for it.


It's alright. The middle is a bit of a drag before shit kicks off in the final act. And the whole thing seems really darkly lit, made it hard to see what was happening at times. Didn't mind Cole Young as "fan fiction character insert". In fact the whole thing felt like fan fiction, but with a budget. That's not a bad thing mind. It's fucking Mortal Kombat after all.


I understand people complaining about:



the lack of an actual tournament. But I can't say I was one of them. It's the sort of thing I imagine being hard to write. I mean, do you have to plan out brackets and stuff? In the original movie if I remember correctly Liu Kang only had one fight against a jobber before he was in Outworld fighting Shang Tsung.


Not as good as Godzilla Vs Kong then. Though I always take delight in yet another HBO Max film having higher viewing figures than the Snyder Cut.

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It was fine. But only fine. The first twenty or so minutes promise a film we don’t actually get, which was disappointing as it could’ve been a great one, and the structure is fragmented with too many characters but I’ve certainly seen far worse. 

If they really want to go the multiple film route (and apparently they do) then fleshing out two or three characters only would’ve been a better approach. Of course, that would’ve required better writing, so maybe the ‘throw everything at the wall’ approach here was just the path of least resistance. 

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There is no escaping the fact this is a bad movie. At times its possibly as bad as I’ve ever seen. But then other moments Kano is on the screen and it instantly becomes brilliant. The other characters behave like he is from a different movie sometimes but that’s because he deserves to be.

Nowhere near my favourite character from the game but absolutely the best thing in this hugely wasteful movie. 

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3 hours ago, schmojo said:

Oh come on. It's a big silly pile of shit, just like MK always has been.


Admittedly, the choice to remove the entire tournament is a curious one, but you're getting exactly what you should expect.


Come on, that's a terrible line of reasoning. Even silly films can clear the low bar of having a meaningful (note that I didn't say "sensible") plot and a tiny modicum character development, something that even the first film managed to achieve. This film was just dreck on all levels (apart from that opening scene and Kano).

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Outrageous. It had several hilarious violences.


Although I feel like my argument would hold more weight had the games series not become pretty good at storytelling in recent years. Bad acting's still a staple though.


The answer is, as always, to just watch the Scorpion's Revenge animated film.

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