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DJ Sack

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Another game from the end of the Dreamcasts life. And its one of the best games to ever appear on any system.

The basic idea is much like panzer dragoon, lock onto the enemies as you follow a set path and make sure you kill them before they hit you, while enjoying the fantastic scenery.

And while this games graphics are brilliant from an artistic point of view, theres only one thing that betters it. And thats the music.

A sort of mix of dance, techno, rock this is what makes the game great, a werid thing compared to many other games but this is the soul reason for some people hating the game, as they dont enjoy the music.

Just going back to the graphics quickly, its very much like Tron, featuring wireframe graphics and flat polygons, but playing it, its fantastic, the scene of distance you get in some of the areas, the 5th and final level watching the whole world grow from a barren landscape into a lush one full of trees.

The music is bloody brilliant though, you really need the music on loud and you really need an amp. Feeling the beat through the amp while hearing the fantastic music. Its hard to explain so ive got the levels music for download from my webspace located HERE, and also visit www.casuallyhardcore.co.uk to show your thanks

the gameplay may be basic, but its just utter stimulation for the senses, hundreds of enemys flying at you, thousands of bullets firing off, bangs happening all the time, its just an over load at times.

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Same here, but I sold it together with my PS2 at the start of last year.

Bought another PS2 later that year though, and got Rez again for £10 from Play.com

Brilliant game, although I'm sure the Stage 1 music isn't as good as it used to be.

The whole game is much better though cos I know how my PS2 going through my stereo. Mucho loudness.

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I believe that the DC runs at 30fps as opposed to the PS2 60fps.

Somebody feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Pretty much I think.And the DC version has some noticable slowdown at times.

But then again, if you're running the DC version through a decent VGA box, it's just lovely.

In fact it's all lovely.

EDIT:BTW, that first link isn't working for me. ;)

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the link probs isnt working due to it being hammered right now, or cos of my uploading to it, i just clicked it and it worked for me, so try again in a min or 2. More music has been added tracks 1 and 5 just being done now. Will be done in 10 mins.

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In my twenty years of gaming, Rez gets my vote as number one game. I might have played other games longer and with more friends, but nothing matches the experience of playing through Rez for the first time.

The word 'sublime' is over-used nowadays, but this is one title which deserves to have it applied.

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Ive said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again:

I'd never have bought Rez if it wasn't for this forum (well Edge anyways)... the thread that persuaded me to buy it was called;

REZ REZ REZ REZ BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and after playing it everything about that title made sense...

When I travelled for a year one of the material things I missed most was sitting in front of the TV, volume up, playing Direct Assault till I wasn't even paying attention to the movement on the screen, you just reach a 'zone' unlike any other game I've played where the music and the visuals intergrate so well that I don't think about what I'm doing on-screen. My head is bobbing to the beat of the music and the rumble pack... I find it to be quite meditative in a sense.

It's my favourite game... and it's the reason why I'll never sell my DC.

Soundtrack I got from here:


I found them to be very reliable, but be aware that the proper mix of Fear isn't on there...

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I just played this for the first time the other day - I was amazed, not by the gameplay, but by how closesly linked the (brilliant) soundtrack and gameplay are. Without the music, it's Panzer Dragoon with Tron's trousers on, but with it it becomes something else all together - much easier to get the player into the zone, it's a phenomenal experience to have your shots add beats and tunes to the soundtrack - you find yourself timing your shots to coincide with the music and make it sound better. In fact, half the fun, I think, of the game is not just the traditional elements of shooting, but a new challenge of making music, too.

It's inspired - Jeff Minter is probably a fan.

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The music sounds pretty bad without the game, imo. all the little sound effects you made as you killed enemies would make it sound so more... pleasing. Especially if it was all nicely synced and in time (although I've never managed to do that too well).

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Thanks for the uploaded tracks sacks anymore would be most greatful if you can.  Wheres the best place to get the soundtrack then?  Ken ishii creation the state of art is class.

I've got the OST which I'll make a Torrent of if all you monkeys seed it once you've downloaded it!

I've got 512/128 DSL so my connection wouldn't be up to seeding a torrent for long!

I'm away from my home PC atm in my folk's house on dialup so it'll be about 9pm tonight... (if I remember to do it at all!!!)

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If you look on Suprnova there is a torrent for the soundtrack.

I actually bought it from a site in the USA and ended up paying rather a lot for it :( but it's worth it really.

I hadn't played the game but I listened to Buggy Running Beeps at Game On and went straight out of the Barbican and bought the game. Fantastic stuff.

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Another Rez fan here!

I got a JPN DC Version awhile ago due to the great reviews and stuff...and i love games with a Different concept.

I was totaly blown away by it...the graphics and the Sound were just so great.Shame UGA have sorta broken up [correct me if i'm wrong on that].

I even have a Rez T Shirt and i'm buying the Soundtrack hopefully this week.

My fav tracks was Level 5...Fear is i remember correct...totally awesome.Everyone should experience Rez..it's that good :(

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