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Circuit Superstars (w/Forum Time Attacks)


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On 19/10/2021 at 09:18, multi said:


Save yourself some money @Meatballit's a shit game and you wouldn't enjoy it!!!

I suspect you might be telling porkies there :sherlock:


Accidentally bought it now so been giving it a bit of a try…


Best so far of 29.316


Think I can get down into the 28’s but I was getting a bit frazzled. Will give it another crack today. 

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I've actually been racing my ghost a bit, which is largely off-putting but has highlighted some areas I could still potentially eke out a few more milliseconds. I'd be glad if they implemented the ability to show ghost on a bind so you can toggle it on and off.



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I'm off on holiday from tomorrow for my kids half term break - so I won't be able to update the leaderboard - but it sounds like we're kinda of reaching our respective limits with this track anyhow. 


Here's the most up to date version.  Superb job to those who managed to get into the 28's. 🏁🏎️👽




I'm up for some forum multiplayer races, definitely



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On 22/10/2021 at 10:26, mexos said:

I played some of the actual racing last night and it’s a hoot. We should get some forum racing going!


I'd love to try that! I'm not very good at the TT part of this game, but I love racing against the CPU. Bring on the online forum league! SPREADSHEET LEADERBOARD TIME!

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