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Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day


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Wow this is bad. I can't believe they've spent this long making a 360 era superhero game. Everything about it feels misjudged. From the terrible menus, to the bad loot implementation and the wave after wave of cannon fodder enemies for you to grind against in a bland environment featuring some uninspired art design. Ultimate Alliance 3 probably had a tenth of the budget but is a much better love letter to the comics.


If you want a darker take on comics than UA3 then go play Raven's Wolverine game instead. Way better than this trash.


Or Spider-Man I guess. Better to replay that then play as him in this.

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I have to agree with Sweaty. I was fine with the design aesthetic but this plays like a dog. 


Playing Batman or Spiderman I felt like the characters. Playing Thor, Iron-man, Hulk, Blackwidow all felt the same- clunky, stiff and bizarrely underpowered. 

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Having a quick go and it’s... ok. But who in the holy fuck thought it would be great it the camera shook every time you attack?!? And not to have an option to turn it off? Fuck me. 

also it keeps pausing to say my internet has disconnected even though I’m single player and it hasn’t. 


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I just peeked into the next room where my nephew is also playing it. He's hammering the game ... for the fortnite stuff. He's bored out of his mind, it's going off once he's got the fortnite bits or whatever. He's 9. 


My nephew and brother and I are HUGE marvel fans and gamers. We are the target audience ... and we fucking hate it. It's fucking rubbish. It's also really bad for my RSI. SO. MUCH. BUTTON. MASHING.

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I'm a ghost. Whoo~oo~oo!!


In a word: woeful.

More depth:

1. Looks okay except for faces (wrong) and hair (different layers to make it look realistic but doesn't work)

2. Lots of particles and okay lighting

3. Gameplay nicked from so many other, better games - Thor throwing / recalling Mjolnir like Kratos in How. The first time you control Banner is like a subpar TLOU clone :rolleyes:

4. Voices are the same handful that you know the developers have hired because they think it gives them kudos but actually you sit there and go "oh look. Nathan Drake is Iron Man or Abby from TLOU2 is Black Widow" which really pulls you out of the game

5. Frame rate is a little inconsistent

6. The pad vibrates for everything including when you've highlighted an option on the menu and then press button to confirm

7. How many times do you have to do the dodge-roll against Taskmaster?!

8. Camera wobbles every time you hit an enemy making it feel like the game is being played on a TV with, for want of a better description, bad tracking like you used to get on VHS


This is another example of a Sqeenix game that will be on special offer after a couple of months.


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Not sure - there could be something there at the end. But I can only ever see it being "OK" rather than great. And that's IF they pull it off.


The gameplay at the start suffers from you being much cooler in cutscenes (or other heroes around you) than what you're doing.


I think each character does control differently - but at the same time they never felt like the character they're meant to be. Hulk is dull as dishwater to play through lab room after lab room. And everyone know the Hulk gets angry to ....attack and heal? It just feels odd - and not at all like a power fantasy. (The Stormcaller in Anthem felt like a better Iron Man). No one blocks (except Cap - who might be the worst design/voice actor combo ever. It's just wrong) - why is Hulk doing a dodge or quick dodge?


They've gone for quasi gritty realism look - but then their viewpoint character is Ms Marvel. Her looking like a ball of plasticine looks out of place in the style they've chose,


I'll go back to rest of Beta (just to snow mission) but it's hard to be even vaguely excited, but also it's hard to condemn completely. 

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Oh dear, this is really not very good. All the jokes about stunt doubles would go out the window if this was fun to play, but it feels like an early Xbox 360 licensed game that fell through a time portal and then had a load of GaaS guff bolted onto it.


I can’t believe how weedy the Avengers feel to play and this is in a prologue where they’re fully powered before you get to the assumed levelling up and recovering their mojo stuff. The baddies barely react to your hits. The Hulk punching blokes clad only in SWAT gear feels like drunkenly having a brawl with a group of shop mannequins. The boss fight is shockingly basic even for a tutorial section. They’ve nicked the axe throwing mechanic from God of War, but just compare and contrast how bad throwing Thor’s hammer feels compared to how satisfying it was in that game. Speaking of Thor, The guy voicing him sounds like he’s doing a bad impression of Matt Berry.


I was already starting to feel bored of the mindlessly punching faceless goons in my short time with the beta, the thought of running levels like this hundreds of times just to make some numbers incrementally tick up and maybe get a repulsor glove of +3 ice damage ain’t exactly enticing.


Poor Thanos, if only someone had told him if he bought a few perspex riot shields for his men, the Avengers would have been virtually helpless in the final battle.

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21 minutes ago, deerokus said:

Didn't they shuffle the Deus Ex team (and effectively cancel that series) over to help out with this? What a waste. 


I'm intrigued to see how it performs in sales. 

According to the thread on SA, Square-Enix had 5 (!) studios working on this.



The game is being collaborated on by five core studios:

Crystal Dynamics, the lead studio

Eidos Montreal

Crystal Northwest, a new subsidiary of Crystal Dynamics created specifically for the multiplayer aspects

Nixxes, a Dutch studio focusing on creating assets for this project

Square Enix Japan, focusing on technology and lighting.

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7 hours ago, Hexx said:

I'm not sure why they're bothering with 3 Beta weekends. Nothing seems to generate hype for this game and I can't see this beta doing anything

They got a lot of something with that spiderman announcement.

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There's some mindless fun to be had here and it does look quite nice but it's a pretty mediocre button-masher when all's said and done. Whoever said it feels like a 360-era licensed game pretty much nailed it. From the moment it was first shown it looked very uninspired and actually playing it has done nothing to change that impression.


I had a good go for an hour or two with each of the characters and Black Widow and Iron Man are pretty cool when you unlock some more skills for them but there isn't much depth to it really. The enemies are very dull and a number of the matchmade co-op missions I tried were literally just a couple of rooms with some very rudimentary 'stand in the circle' mechanics with no real sense of achievement or teamwork required. Just mash buttons and you'll get through it and be rewarded with a piece of gear that adds a seemingly meaningless % chance to add an additional damage effect at the end of your basic combo or something. Maybe there's some interesting exotic gear with unusual effects in the full game but somehow I doubt that's the case and that aspect of it doesn't really suit the style of game and is not very compelling at all. It's also very easy to lose track of your teammates in the missions in the larger open areas (which feel mostly barren and empty aside from a few pockets of enemies standing round dutifully waiting to be beaten up) so you have to constantly tap the d-pad to see where they are and it all just feels very messy and undercooked.


The license alone will see it sell several million copies I've no doubt but I'm certain that Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game will be a hundred times better than this tepid offering and show what can be done with a game like this. I recently played Arkham Knight again and in terms of fulfilling the superhero power fantasy it absolutely wipes the floor with this and feels like an entire generation ahead.

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