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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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8 hours ago, Wizcat said:


NVidia are revealing their 3000 series cards imminently, like next week I think? Might be worth bearing that in mind. If it's a revolutionary upgrade there could be a load of decent second hand cards available soon (or if you're really willing to splurge for the new cards, you might get 4k ultra at good frame rates!)


I'm drooling at some of the pics and videos here, and planning a pc update myself

unlikely you’re getting good frame rates in this. Utilisation of the graphics card isn’t that high a lot of the time.

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4 hours ago, NinjaSeb said:

With flight sims CPU clock speed is what matters. Not how many gazillion cores you've got or how powerful your graphics card is.

Strangely on my PC flying over New York to find the limits has my CPU hovering around 35% and to GPU pretty much maxed out.


(Ryzen 7 / 5700XT)


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1 hour ago, TehStu said:

I wish I had a cutting-edge PC 


In later shots, he shows ice on the front of the plane. 

Mines a 2016 PC, and is sufficient to show all the lovely clouds. What I did find is that at the moment winds don’t seem to be modelled properly - I got much more wind behaviour in the alps, starting from Innsbruck at dawn, than I saw flying into Laura.

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On 26/08/2020 at 10:59, Meers said:


Fairly close then! :D


So what's wrong with being a Scouser? :huh:

Fuck all la.


Squirrel sounds like he's from across the water, Wirral Peninsula.


I'm still loving this. I'm playing with all the flight aids on due to using a pad but as I gain more hours I'm definitely starting to feel adventurous and wanting to get a bit more real. Turn a few of the more hand holding things off. I'm a hare's breath away from buying a Honeycomb yoke.

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This might be interesting to anyone thinking 'but where's the game' Flight Sim Economy


It's basically 'Elite' for flight sim.  Carry cargo/passengers from A to B for profit.  Spend profit on new planes.

Nice summary video here:




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7 hours ago, beenabadbunny said:

Surely the only way you'd be able to pull that off would be into a VERY strong headwind...


I did a quick search on youtube and there are quite a few people managing it...




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Can definitely recommend Peru as a destination in MSFS. Although it might not look at it from these compressed images (click to get a better idea), the scenery and autogen is staggeringly good. Took off from Cuzco and just headed in a direction. Was flying at about 18,000ft to clear a couple of mountains and then went exploring in the valleys :)




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Booted up for the first time and just tried the very first training session for pitch and yaw etc. Managed to land the plane smoothly on the nearby runway first try, then got told off for not following the training but got a "nicely done". Where's my pilot's license?

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4 minutes ago, Wallace said:

I'm addicted to watching an Airbus A320 autopilot its way from waypoint to waypoint 39000ft in the sky. Complete waste of this the terrain AI but theres just something so relaxing about it.

I think subconsciously it tricks you just a little bit into believing you actually are up there away from all the shit for a little while. And maybe because you own it, you can stay there...

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