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E3 2019 | Ubisoft Monday June 10th 9:00PM BST


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Monday June 10th 9:00PM BST




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The Conference:



For many E3's now, Ubisoft have ended up walking away with the crown. Partly due to their size, they're able to develop a lot of games under their brand, but unlike EA, they don't just lean on their tent pole franchises and they often take the care to diversify either through the introduction of new IP or more successfully, the rebooting of old. They have also proven to be a great partner for Nintendo, regularly delivering bespoke experiences for Nintendo hardware.

So what are we looking at for 2019. First out the bag is Watch Dog Legion. I enjoyed the first game in the series and bought but never spent much time with the sequel. The game promises evolution rather than revolution, but this time the action will take place in London. After the steady success of Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft are bringing a full sequel to market, with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which is already confirmed for an October release date.

The Division 2 and Rainbow Six Siege will almost certainly be receiving some sort of DLC and Rainbow Six fans may have more reasons to be cheerful, as a full blown sequel going by the title of, Rainbow Six Quarantine is heavily rumoured to be announced.

Of the current rumours doing the rounds, it seems the team behind Steep have a new game in the works, going by the name of Roller Champions, which on current word is an online only multiplayer game, in the vein of Rocket League.

Beyond that, I'd expect some sort of Ubisoft / Nintendo announcement as both companies seem to enjoy a productive relationship and I live in eternal hope that we'll see something new from the Prince Of Persia franchise.


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