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E3 2019 | EA TODAY @ 5:15PM BST


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Saturday June 8th 5:15PM BST 


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What We Got





What are we expecting:

Perhaps having been bitten by a furious fan reaction the previous two years, EA seem to have fully thrown the towel in on holding an actual press conference, and seem to have instead settled into the Nintendo mould of streaming a pre-recorded overview of their upcoming slate of games. As if to reassure viewers that this conference will be as surprise free as previous years, they have neatly laid out a timetable for their presentation:


  • 5:15pm BST: Introduction
  • 5:30pm BST: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
  • 6:00pm BST: Apex Legends
  • 6:30pm BST: Battlefield V
  • 7:00pm BST: EA Sports FIFA
  • 7:30pm BST: EA Sports Madden
  • 8:00pm BST: The Sims 4


The star of the show looks set to be Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. A single player campaign free from loot boxes, DLC, season passes or micro-transactions. It appears to be presented as almost an apology for past misdeeds. Developed by Respawn Entertainment, who have arguably developed the best FPS of the gen in Titanfall 2, gamers and Star Wars fans alike are very keen to see how this long promised single player based Star Wars game has turned out.

Battle Royale darling,  Apex Legends (also developed by Respawn)  is also sure to feature prominently, with future modes and features being unveiled for the first time. DLC for Battlefield 5 and The Sims will also get an airing whilst EA's traditional sports franchises, FIFA and Madden will round things out.

Given the paucity of games they actually have to talk about, I'm surprised that the stream is planned to last just under three hours. A few surprises would be welcome, but they seem to be playing with an open hand this year, possibly to avert the usual round of condemnation from gamers hoping to see something new.



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Can they plumb depths even lower that the past few years? Where we had segments where the development is such a mess they just do office tours instead, their beloved  influencers shitting their pants on stage, an awful am dram type doing his live performance of what he thinks a football man sounds like, announcing Command and Conquer is coming back and then revealing it’s in mobile clagware form, getting some Z tier SyFy channel actor on and hyping it like they've nabbed Robert Downey Jr. I certainly hope so!

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32 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

I think it’s the wrong URL on that YouTube link. It looks to be linking to the Bethesda stream, which is indeed tomorrow / Monday wee hours.


I linked to a general YouTube E3 show with Geoff Keighley, but it looks like they're not covering the EA play thing. Anyhoo, I've replaced that link with the one to EA's own YouTube page, so should all work right now. I'll check all these for the next conferences. 

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