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Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix animation)


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Weirdly enough I was about to post how a child friendly Jurassic Park series didn't really appeal (as it's posted by the "Netflix Kids & Family" account) but I checked and the first film was only rated PG and the latest 12A, so it's not like they have a particularly high age rating either. I just hope that the series isn't afraid to actually endanger (and possibly kill) one or more of those six teenagers.

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Unless it ends with the kids being slowly devoured by raptors in the way Dr Grant described in the first JP movie then i'm out. Otherwise it's going to be sassy kids outsmarting dinosaurs and wisecracking while they all survive (as opposed to a more realistic cowering and crapping themselves in a huddled mass) taking place in a situation where combat trained mercenaries and hunters have been torn apart in seconds.


I know realism isn't something you should be hoping for in this fantasy world of resurrected dinosaurs, but at least carrying on the danger of the creatures from the films instead of dumbing them down and weakening them, its like Star Trek TNG Borg (1 relentless cube carving up a galaxy class for fun and  decimating a fleet) vs Voyager Borg ( tra la la la , oh look there's loads of cubes, set shields to meh... and tell them to call back later).


yeah, there was the kid in JP3, his survival by himself was the absolute nadir of plausibility in this world, and i think the premise of a group of kids surviving will be to this series of movies what the animated version of Robocop was to the original Paul Verhoeven masterpiece


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Let's hope the series features one of the kids having a baby dinosaur as a pet, maybe called Steggy or something, and every episode will end with Steggy doing something cute and funny while the kids all laugh happily together. And some people being bitten in half.

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I’m 5 episodes in and it’s not great, but not terrible. Simple viewing whilst I browse here. Animation isn’t anything special (although sometimes the dinos look quite nice - and much better than the people). I quite like the way the plot is set alongside Jurassic World although it makes you think the Indominus Rex must have some form of spacial teleporter to bother all these different people.

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