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Turn your PlayStation Classic into a fantastic emulation machine


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1 hour ago, Ninja Doctor said:

Any Megadrive or SNES stuff I did on my psc was with unzipped images. 


I did actually try that, but for love nor money will anything unarchive these files. I don't know if it's a Mac thing or not, but not OSX's native system, WinZip or The Unarchiver are able to extract the contents. With WinZip I get the most comprehensive error, stating:



End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a Zip file, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part Zip file.


Do you need a special app to extract these things or is there something fishy going on? Strange thing is, I've just downloaded a pure .md copy of Robocop 3 (but of course :)) and compared the file size to the zipped copy and they're identical. Is it possible the zipped rooms I've got aren't zipped at all and for whatever reason, they just ended up with that extension?

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11 hours ago, Ninja Doctor said:

You’ll find if they aren’t strict zips they’ll have a base2 rom size (512kb, 1024kb etc). 


Hmmm, they do indeed! Right, the next step seems clear then, I'll rename the extension on a few files and see if RetroArch finds them!

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21 hours ago, SeanR said:

The original Reddit discussion




So it blocks other usb sticks from being used to try and stop copying of the games off of the machine?


it looks like you can just edit the script to stop this. It does look rather crude.


I though when you unplug the USB sticks, it reverts back to the normal games. 


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It does but if you ever want to use a non bellend gimped usb stick such as Autobleem or even project Eris it blocks that. It also permanently gimps your machine. 

seriously, copy off the isos you want, format the shit out of the stick and download Autobleem. It’s so simple Helen Keller could do it. 

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  • 2 years later...

So over the last week I've revisited modding my classic.


I went with a clean installation using Project Eris and a nice OTG cable from Amazon.


Got a lot of the games I wanted on there, up and running with some minimal fuss, and event went and sorted out all the images I wanted for the carousel. 


But what I am struggling with is Cores!


I've got all the .so cores from the main sites like modmyclassic and the like, but I still want to have cores for things like NDS etc.


I assume since emu station has folders for it, there must be core out there to do it?


Not only that, but I've tried reading things like Reddit and generally searching google, but I'm not getting any joy.


Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?







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  • 3 months later...

Can anyone confirm if I need to perform the port 2 resistor soldering mod even when using a 'verified' USB stick for the latest Project Eris mod?


People seem to suggest that if I use a Samsung FIT 128GB USB stick then it doesn't require doing any hardware soldering to remove the current limiter on the 2nd USB port. I presume that's because that particular Samsung USB stick requires a low power within the power range of the psclassic ports?


Just wanted to double check, as I managed to completely corrupt the first Samsung USB stick I bought by powering the whole device with a 5v 1amp apple wall plug. As such, I've now ordered a 5v 2amp plug which is hopefully enough to power everything.



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6 hours ago, Ninja Doctor said:

I would always recommend doing the current limiter removal mod. It takes about 2 minutes if you’re competent with a soldering iron. 

cheers, I thought as much as even though I’ve bought a more powerful 5v 2amp plug, the current limiter is always going to throttle the usb stick regardless.


I’ll get the soldering iron out this weekend and try not to cock it up! 😅

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You could stick a 20A psu on there but the USB port is still limited to the same level. IIRC the limiter resisters are in a c shape so you just need to bridge them on one side:


input - resistor 1 -


output - resistor 2


Bridge the input and output if that makes sense. 

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Quick update: I tried to solder a bit of wire across the resistors but everything is so small and piddly that it didn’t work unfortunately. I’m not sure how most people could do this without specialist equipment like a thin soldering iron, and special thin gauge wire/flux.


Instead I bought an OTG adaptor and am now powering the USB via that. The initial install was a bit panicky as you have to insert the USB directly into the current limited port on the console itself, but once it was complete I immediately switched to the OTG and all is working well.


Had a quick go on Tekken 3 which now runs so much better at 60hz and with the blurry bi-linear filter turned off!

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  • 2 months later...

Just taken receipt of a PSX Classic with Project Eris pre-installed. Had a quick play on Ridge Racers 2, which mostly runs well, but there is some stuttering during post race scenes. Is there a best settings guide to get maximum performance from the PSX Classic for RR2- playing this on the telly was one of the main reason for the purchase! Thanks 

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