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Playdate-A new handheld console thingy


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Finished game #2!



Needed to look up a pointer for two of the first puzzles as I had completely run out of ideas. Once I realised that it was on Adventure Game Logic it got a lot easier. 25/27, happy to leave it at that.


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On 15/07/2022 at 21:55, matt! said:

If anybody fancies a nice game of Mahjong Solitaire I can help you out, with my latest game (joint project with Vogelscript).

We'll be adding more features over the next month. Once we're done the launch promotion will end.





This looks super nice. I know you are taking advantage of the extra resolution of the Playdate to show those detailed tiles, but recently I've been sinking a lot of time into the Atari Lynx version, and that is down to the chunky tile artwork:



It's the only version of this game I have ever really taken to - it'd be super cool if you were able to implement this set - maybe call it 'lynx' 😉

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Why do you find these Lynx tiles good to play with?


We already have a chunky 2X mode in the game. Of course when you're playing like that you can no longer see the whole layout. But you can use the crank to quickly toggle the zoom. Works with any of the tile designs. 


We're currently working on the final update to the game. 

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21 hours ago, matt! said:

Why do you find these Lynx tiles good to play with?


Really great question! Had a bit of a think (and had a little play on it to confirm my thoughts), and it's due to the two part information on the tiles - number and a symbol/colour - it feels closer to matching playing cards and so I feel it's easier to scan for matching tiles like this. Hone in on the number part first. Standard tiles I just find it very hard to visual tell apart. The alphanumeric characters is an option but that feels really inauthentic and a bit like playing with the code, graphics turned off.


I also find it useful to search/think for of a certain number - feels quicker and less linear.


Sounds like you are on the final stretch so I hope it all goes well! Just wanted to mention as it's not something I have seen in any other version.

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On 23/01/2023 at 17:53, Alex W. said:



Alex my friend, I'm afraid I have some very important fridge related questions:


1) Is the 'A+ Class*' sticker removable?

2) If so why have you not removed it yet?

3) Why is that haunted centre magnet so cursed?

4) Have you visited any of the listed yellow countries?

5) How many kWh does said fridge use in these tough times?


Your co-operation would be very much appreciated.

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30 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

Anyone else think 2 games a week is maybe too many? I like giving you a choice each time to avoid disappointment, but they could arrive every 2 or 4 weeks and it would still be plenty.


Yes! Myself and @Billy Brown have been documenting our experiences with the playdate on a fortnightly basis - and keeping up with 4 games each time has been a challenge! Often there has been a game or two which has been less involved so it has tended to even out. We are now on the final week, and hopefully will be starting to upload our episodes soon!


*podcast plug* Playing Catch-Up on the place you listen to podcasts 

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Catalog launches today - install the system update and either wait for it to be pulled down like a new game or manually refresh the game selection


2 free games on Catalog without the need to add payment information to the system


”Crank to buy”


Light goes aqua if there are new games on the Catalog


Dock still on the way


Price goes up to $199 for new orders on 7 April. All orders before them retain the current price.

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Finished a run through Demon Quest 85 and got an ending that nicely reflected my personality! I got snagged because you can end summonings without doing particular dialogue options needed to progress, and to re-summon that demon you use the same set up again, even if the changes caused by the first summon mean it shouldn’t be valid any more. I can see why they did that as a compromise between railroading you and letting you get in an unwinnable state but it’s awkward.

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Despite waiting a decade for mine to ship I am now considering cancelling. I watched a compilation of the season of games and let’s be honest. They are all fucking shit. 

that said I still want to jack that crank. I guess at least it holds its value so I can quickly sell it on. 

but yeah. Looks shit. 

happy to be convinced otherwise.  

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Spellcorked is gorgeous, isn’t it? That title screen animation flourish feels like showing off but the whole game is like that. Lovely.


Could who knows more about music than me explain what you’re doing in Echoic Memory when you “tune in” the samples? Some sort of filter?

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