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Avengers: Endgame - BIG SPOILERS TOPIC - You have been warned!


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17 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:


He's not dead, he just has a hurt arm. 

Also the Professor Hulk union of Hulk & Banner can easily become a conflict again, as it has done in the comics. 


Yeah, I know he's still around but I meant in practical terms where does the character go now? I agree with @Doctor Shark that the character just doesn't really work that well on his own, but as an ensemble he can have a place. Is his arm busted for good? Will people want to see him as Professor Hulk if he can't smash? What role would he play (resident smart guy now that Stark is gone I suppose if Reed Richards doesn't come into the group)?


If his arm does heal, would people want to go back to the central conceit of Hulk/Banner at war with each other?

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Why couldn't Strange just reverse the damage to Tony the same way Thanos did to Vision?


And couldn't they just go back in time and take a Black Widow from the past, to bring into their future? Somebody else then gets to jump off the cliff in that new timeline.

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23 minutes ago, squirtle said:

.Also, when The Scarlet Witch confronts Thanos and says he took everything from her. His response of, "I don't even know who you are," in a mixture of bemusement and annoyance is excellently delivered.

As I remarked to a friend after watching, it really pleased me to see Thanos do his best M. Bison approximation.

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