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PlayStation 5 - Next gen is here!


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2 minutes ago, Marvellous Chester said:

I'm picking mine up in store for  free, worth doing if you have a game local.

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SmythsToys.com RIP

3 minutes ago, LowCostMonkey said:

Arhghghgh this is so painfull. I've got one in basket but the checkout keeps timing out...




Did you get that after entering payment details? I got that error too, but have just got email confirmation that the preorder was placed?


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1 minute ago, Alex W. said:

Can’t be accused of artificial scarcity if nobody can get an order in.


I must have got lucky I just checked Argos this morning not particularly looking for a PS5 and they were there ? So it seemed rude not to order one 

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Disc. On my first few attempts to cart, it came up with blanks, but it got in there eventually on the 4th attempt or so. I then had time to adjust my preferred delivery address before checking out. 

I had an audio alert on Stock Informer set up on a laptop next to my bed, which I’d advise doing if you can. I was even prepared to get up and nail it in the wee hours if the alert sounded.

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