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PlayStation 5 - Next gen is here!

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I've had a text message confirming my Argos order as well as the email and it being in my accounts orders section. I think I'm good to go. Hope the others trying through Argos get some clarity soon.

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42 minutes ago, Jamie John said:

Apologies if this has been asked and answered already, but has it been confirmed that PS4 games will actually run better on PS5? Any reports of higher frame rates/resolutions?


Logic dictates they should load a fuck tonne faster - other visual/per upgrades unknown

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1 hour ago, jonamok said:

Argos dicked me too. PayPal has a £449 payment that I can’t cancel and Argos has no record of an order. After the 3080 debacle yesterday, new gaming hardware can fucking do one.

I’ve just checked Argos and it’s appeared in my orders


Not sure what it means




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15 minutes ago, Danster said:

This morning I secured a disc PS5. Thought I’d check my bank balance and realised it might be more prudent to pay off my credit card with the money. Told my wife that I may have finally become an adult. 

And here we are. You post that link and I add the console to my Very account. Thanks for keeping my childhood alive!

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11 hours ago, Capwn said:

I've joked a few times about the PS5 not having any great games but the more I think about it, it actually does.


At least by the end of November, the same month it launches, we get;


Souped up Cyberpunk



Souped up COD

Souped up ACreed

Souped up WatchDogs


PS3 launch Title highlights


Souped up Call of Duty 3

Genji: Days of the Blade

Need for Speed Carbon

Resistance: Fall of Man


PS4 launch Title highlights


Souped up Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

Souped up Battlefield 4

Souped up Call of Duty: Ghosts

Killzone Shadow Fall




Come on, it's not that bad is it?






I find it crazy that anyone is complaining about the launch games. Everyone loved that Spider-Man game and Demon’s is a full remake of a massively praised game. PlayStation and Xbox launches are always absolutely terrible, outside of Halo I don’t remember any of the launch games on either of them being interesting. You either get stuff that’s appealing to a small audience like driving games or kids games, cross gen stuff that looks nicer or pure dogshit. Only Nintendo ever launch their machines with good games, a and even then they’re often cross gen. The PS5 having one game that will actually be decent should automatically make it one of the best non-Nintendo launches ever.

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The Xbox 360 launch had Amped 3, PGR 3, Ridge Racer 6, Condemned, and Call of Duty 2 amid a load of absolute clag, so it's not a bad lineup. I'd put the PS5 launch mid-table, it's obviously not as good as your typical Nintendo launch, and not as good as the original Xbox launch either, but it doesn't look bad.

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