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PlayStation 5 - Next gen is expensive


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40 minutes ago, Marlew said:

Just having a quick debate with my wife about whether it's OK to just call in sick today.


She reckons it's unethical, and I get where she's coming from, but what I'd say to that it's that unethical not to


Dunno if anyone can settle this for us, please. 

I dunno, judging from your post I sense that you’re looking a little peaky.  I don’t think it’s worth the risk going into today. Best to stay at home, take it easy somehow and see how you feel tomorrow. 

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"Good night, sweet prince."


And just for the record, I'm talking about the stupidly overpriced Logitech insulated HDMI cable there. It was the only one left when I got my Xbox 360 and cost me around 45 bloody pounds back then. Still, it was absolutely impossible to break and served me as the main connector for multiple consoles. Now as the Curves of Doom approach, it is finally obsolete.


Guessing the Monolith behind it had a good run as well. ;)

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I was lucky enough to get a ps4 at launch. But it was DOA.


I ordered two ps5’s this time, imagine how bad my luck would be to get two dead machines?


find out later if they work.

also; When’s the PS6 released?

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May be too late but I did it from the stock list page (after searching for PS5) rather than in the PS5 item page. For the latter, it kept giving me a busy page. If you mouse over the picture in the stock list page, it gives you a pop up for Quick View and Add To Basket.

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Just now, Mr Ben said:

How? It wont let me click the order button


Sorry, edited my original post, but, I had it in my wish list.  Refreshing the product page took me to a "busy" page, but the wish list was refreshable, and it came up there. 

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