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PlayStation 5: Launch is 19/11/20 - UI Video Released

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3 hours ago, Sarlaccfood said:

Could be more a streaming issue with millions of people watching something at the same time? 

Edit: Fuck me 7 million people were watching it.


3 hours ago, sid said:

Streaming quality I recon 


even at 1080p mine was buffering like a mofo 


live streams are a pita.....ok for all you city dwellers on 300mb connections!


release bigger versions after the show.....all good

Yes. But that’s the odd thing.  It didn’t need to be a steaming thing right?  YouTube can handle lots of 4K videos going out to people at once so why not upload it to various video platforms and then “unlock” it. What was live about the reveal that needed for it to be streaming?  

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11 hours ago, Clipper said:

also for all the trumpeting about GTA5 being something familiar that gamers can play on their new console etc.


1) This "remaster" isn't out til next year


2) I thought PS5 was BC with most PS4 titles so doesn't everyon who owns GTAV get to play it on their new console anyway?


It is just such an odd announcement to lead with.


So odd I’m convinced there’s some psychological intent. Like it’s juxtaposing the ‘best’ (mainstream) of this gen against the far superior first offerings of next’s.

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I’m currently caught up to page 204 of 212 in this thread, at the point where people are comparing disc slot sizes with the XBOX (Series X?)


I don’t follow Xbox news so I haven’t seen this machine before, but how come the disc slot on it appears to be on the top of the machine? Implying it has to be at least as deep as it is wide... so is that thing actually shaped like a big chunky cube? 


My first reaction to the PS5 was “dear god...” then on seeing the digital version I was like “ahhh, ok - when was the last time I bought a disc anyway”. After some thought I’ve realized that without a drive I would lose the ability to play Blurays (which I don’t watch but my kids sometimes get them from friends etc) and any backwards compatibility with original PS discs would also be stuffed. Then considering that the machine just sits in my TV stand and I don’t look at it, I think I would actually go for the fugly version.


Concerned about the size though. If it doesn’t fit in my AV cabinet then it can F off. That said, the photo comparison did not seem accurately sized based on the controllers (unless the Xbox controller has tiny buttons and sticks).

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Yeah, both of them are pretty big. The Series X seems to be the size of about 2-3 Xbox One Xs stacked on top of each other. It might be too tall for some folk's TV stands and the PS5 might be too wide.

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The Xbox is basically a pair of cubes stacked on one another.


interesting SSD article:



- Sony are doing something really interesting.

- How often will they be requesting a sufficient number of files simultaneously to really max out these things?

- That 825GB may well be 750GB usable space in old money after standard provisioning ratios are applied (12*64GiB/(1000/1024) = 824 decimal GB , then  about 10% reserved for SSD management), less once the OS is taken into account. The 825 starts to make sense because they can spread more widely across chips, and use cheaper rather than more expensive flash to meet their performance target.

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14 hours ago, Broker said:

It's a big boy:



see, this is another photo that doesn’t give an accurate picture. The PS4 base is more or less flat, but the PS5 is tilted and we are looking at it from above. That’s going to make it appear taller isn’t it? If that *is* accurate, the PS5 won’t fit in my cabinet.

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Does the size of this thing matter too much? Guessing you'll be able to find somewhere to put it?! At least it must have a great cooling solution in there hopefully it will be whisper quiet which is much more preferable than having it smaller and looking prettier. Although it would be interesting to see what the Japanese make of ir! :) They usually don't like bigger consoles although it does look very futuristic.


As for how it looks you could always buy the digital version and then hide it away somewhere then you'd never have to look at it again other than to dust it perhaps :D


Since seeing it a few times don't actually mind it. It does make a welcome change from bland square black (90s looking) boxes and certainly stands out. It's a very bold organic design and wouldn't look out of place in a modern art gallery. Not to everyones taste.

However like this PS5 as an art piece. Looking forward to the first teardown videos though love to see how well designed it's internals are.


Personally I like bland boxes... My PC looks like the monolith from 2001 A Space Oddessy :) Just a large square black tower - no lights other than the blue power light and designed to be whisper quiet :)

If I did get one at some point it would be the digital version. The drive spoils the flow of the devices look IMHO. Like it's been glued on the bottom. Hope they keep a similar design for the inevitable lite version. Which is the one I'll probably end up with at some point along the line.

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44 minutes ago, Mr Do 71 said:

How a PS5 looks in black. 




This is literally my Virgin superhub 2 modem/router with added flaps. It seems mad that it ever got through the committee stage.


I think Bosman is right when he suggests that the Digital version was designed first (makes more money for Sony through used/retail game death) and then the disc-based 'lump' version, which was revealed first, was actually designed second because they still need a version that supports discs - for now.

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8 hours ago, iknowgungfu said:

One thing I noticed was a general lack of an HUD in each game which is nice.

That's because none of it was actual gameplay. ;) 

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Deliberately uglyfying their own product?  


thats a reach.  That’s like console makers deliberately keeping stock tight at the beginning of a gen- it makes no financial sense.


its ugly despite their efforts, not deliberate

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I think Bosman is suggesting they designed the digital version first (because the design is clearly more elegant) and then added the disc lump out of necessity for the traditional version. Maintaining the design of the digital version with its flowing lines naturally necessitates the 'lump' and that looks inherently odd or ugly in comparison. The alternative is a design that moves much further from the digital version's looks and they begin to look unrelated.


So the disc-version's design is a necessity of function and needing to be based around the digital version's form.


It's not deliberately ugly, it's an awkward compromise.

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19 minutes ago, bumgut said:

Deliberately uglyfying their own product? - it makes no financial sense


It makes financial success if people go for the good looking one that makes them more money over the ugly one that doesn't.


The other thing no one but you brought up doesn't make any financial sense, no.

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I quite like the look of the black version, myself.


I think the size of it is more problematic than the design - it just seems bloody huge. But then, it's still not as big by a long shot as a full-size ATX PC tower, or even my mini-ATX PC case - it's certainly a lot slimmer - and this is in spite of it packing some mid-tier gaming PC-equivalent hardware. If you want it to run cool and you want it to run quietly (and you want it to cost less than £500), then I guess this is how big it needs to be.

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I haven't used my PS4 for a long time - is Sony's digital pricing still bonkers? It was £60+ for games you could pick up on physical for £40 or less when I last checked.


They're surely going to have to change that, if they haven't already, for a digital edition of the console to sell

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4 hours ago, Super Craig said:

Yeah, both of them are pretty big. The Series X seems to be the size of about 2-3 Xbox One Xs stacked on top of each other. It might be too tall for some folk's TV stands and the PS5 might be too wide.


Yeah it's a personal thing but my consoles are in the narrow IKEA Billy bookcase variant which is absolutely perfect for an Xbox One X and has a lot of head room.  So that's fine and the PS5 won't fit even though its total area might be smaller.

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1 hour ago, womblingfree said:

I’m guessing non-disc £399.99, disk £499.99.


It's like what they were saying in that Digital Foundry video - even though the cost difference wouldn't be that much in terms of the disc drive (was it 40 £ or $? Can't remember), Sony might take the hit and sell the discless version for 100 less, knowing that they're locking you in to digital.

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