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World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

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Saw a preview of this ages ago and didn't pay any attention to it.


However previews started to appear over the last few days and its really grabbed my attention,  the game is officially out today. It looks like Left 4 Dead meets the Division which is no bad thing in my book. One of the selling points is the tech the Developers Saber have come up with which procedurally conjures up hundreds of zombies in a horde  that Days Gone promised, advanced gore and dismemberment, their strap line.


4 large levels Moscow, NYC, Tokyo and Jerusalem, 4 locations with 3 chapters each , 6 unique classes with their own abilities and gadgets, traps barricades and turrets, weapon customisation and the perks. 4 player co op and pvp pve modes.


by all accounts its kind of dropped out the blue and all seems to be really positive, no reviews as yet.


official website







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after seeing the early impressions today on this picked this up on Xbox....(thank you American store credit)  and its basically l4d3 (which isn't a bad thing) only played through the first part of the new York chapter and its more frantic version of L4D  (lots and lots of Zeds swarming you)   also has a few multiplayer modes as well apart from co-op death match, king of the hill etc... PVP with Zombies thrown in.  Ive seen some peeps say  its l4d meets the division and while I can see the why its def heavier more on the L4D side. 


Quick wee vid I made of one bit near the start:



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really great fun this, and as expected never the same game twice due to the procedurally spawning elements. A lot of the problems mentioned in the ACG vid seem to have been patched out.


Totally scratches that L4D itch but has enough to separate it from the horde. For the price the production values are great and really couldn't recommend this enough.


Even with randoms its fantastic fun, but with 3 friends it would be a riot. When the shit hits the fan its insane even on normal.



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It's surprisingly not terrible. I wish there was a L4D style blend, as PvE has the special zombies but only ever vs. AI, and the PvP modes are standard multiplayer vs. fare but with AI zombies. It's a nice twist, and whilst the shooting is fine for shooting hordes of undead, it's a bit too loose (IMO) for shooting other humans and instead has some potato-ing going on. 

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5 hours ago, BubbleFish said:

I realise the main draw is cooperative but what's the single player like?


there is no single player? Its coop all the way as far as I can tell.


It's pretty good fun. A bit of a one trick pony and quite short. Good chuckle with 3 mates though.

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