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Assetto Corsa Competizione | Season 14 Round 6 | GT3 Endurance @ Watkins Glen


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Assetto Corsa Competizione, the official GT World Challenge game.


A guide for new playershttps://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/newcomers-guide-to-acc.64917/


Useful setup crib sheet (not ACC specific): http://chrishaye.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Setup-Guide-Crib-Sheet-V1.0.pdf


Oculus Quest 2 Configuration Guide: 




ACC - Official GT World Challenge Game


Launch Trailer


I’ve been playing this since the start of the Early Access and it’s developing into an awesome sim, which is no surprise given KUNOS Simulazioni’s history and support of the original Assetto Corsa.



Brands Hatch




Nurburgring GP

Paul Ricard






(DLC) Intercontinental GT Pack


Laguna Seca

Mount Panorama



(DLC) 2020 GT World Challenge Pack



(DLC) British Pack

Donington Park GP
Oulton Park



GT3 Cars

AMR V12 Vantage GT3 (2013)

AMR V8 Vantage GT3 (2019)

Audi R8 LMS (2015)

Audi R8 LMS Evo (2919j

Bentley Continental GT3 (2015/2018)

BMW M6 GT3 (2017)

Emil Frey Jaguar G3 (2012)

Ferrari 488 GT3 (2018)

Honda NSX GT3 (2017)

Honda NSX GT3 Evo (2019)

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (2015)

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo (2019)

Lamborghini Huracan ST (2015)

Lexus RC F GT3 (2016)

McLaren 659S GT3 (2015)

McLaren 720S GT3 (2019)

Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (2015/2018)

Porsche 991 GT3 R (2018)

Porsche 991 II GT3 Cup (2017)

Porsche 991 II GT3 R (2019)

Reiter Engineering R-EX GT3 (2017)


(DLC) GT4 Pack

Alpine A110 GT4

Audi R8 LMS GT4

Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4


Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R

Ginetta G55 GT4


Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4

McLaren 570S GT4

Mercedes-AMG GT4

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport

(DLC) 2020 GT World Challenge Pack

Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO 2020 GT3

Mercedes-AMG GT3 EVO 2020 GT3


On release the game included the officially licensed 2018 teams, cars and tracks with a later free update that added 2019 season content.


One of my favourite aspects of the game is the rating system, created by Minolin of MR rating fame in Assetto Corsa. Basically there are several ratings to work your way through in order:


Track Knowledge (3 medals per track)


Car Control

Pace (based on leaderboard rankings e.g. Hot Lap, Hot Stint etc.)





Safety will be a key rating in terms of multiplayer so that server admins can keep out the wreckers. Car Control is probably my favourite, it provides real-time feedback on each corner (very slow, fine, ok, perfect, overly aggressive etc) and I’ve knocked about 1.5secs off my best Monza lap in the Lambo and improved my consistency by focusing on improving the CC rating.


The recommended spec is i5-8600K or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, 16 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB or Radeon RX 580 8GB. I have similar with an i7 and manage around 80fps @ 1080p, mostly epic settings apart from mirrors.


EDIT: Post created by scoobysi

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@MattyP might be worth researching a bit, it can be quite taxing with the lighting, dynamic weather and also how many AI you run in single player. Sounds as though you’re above min spec depending on your cpu: i5-4460 or AMD FX-8120, 4 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 460 2GB, Radeon HD 7770.

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Do you mean versus AC as they haven’t changed in ACC? They never bothered me much in AC as I generally went into multi-player but SIM rather than menu design is definitely KUNOS’ strong point. I can navigate them with my wheel though so that’s a plus and it’s very straightforward to setup a single player session so I don’t think they’re too bad. The multiplayer menu is basic though, not too keen on that at the moment, could do with a favourite list, sort order etc.

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23 hours ago, Robbo said:

 I'm trying to get into sim racing - I don't have ACC but am enjoying practicing in AC right now - @scoobysi sent you a steam request - is there any kind of sim racing thread on the muk? I haven't found one.

There was a thread called 'Vrooooom' which is annoying to search for due to the random number of 'o's in the title. It's not very active though. Most of us seem to be lurking in the GT Sport thread. 


Anyone going to get the ACC Dlc this week? Bathurst and Suzuka. Count me in. Loving this game after the major updates recently. 

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So looking forward to getting back into this... Now with Rift S and G29 wheel!!! Only have the standard Assetto Corsa though.... Think I actually bought that as a pre-release years ago only had three cars and two tracks :D Still one of the best driving games I'd played at that point though....

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On 02/02/2020 at 13:13, Robbo said:

 I'm trying to get into sim racing - I don't have ACC but am enjoying practicing in AC right now - @scoobysi sent you a steam request - is there any kind of sim racing thread on the muk? I haven't found one.

Ok cool.


On 03/02/2020 at 12:51, Varnsen said:

Anyone going to get the ACC Dlc this week? Bathurst and Suzuka. Count me in. Loving this game after the major updates recently. 

Insta-buy, I’ve only tried Bathurst so far, not my favourite track but everything seems better in ACC GT3 cars :P.

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Had this since launch for the cheap early access price but only just got round to trying it, the handling is great...but there doesn’t seem to be the time trial challenges from the first game? Shame because they were ace. Well there was a time trial event thing I tried but it says my times are invalid because of stability control, which was true the first time but I turned it off and it keeps saying the same thing, I tried starting it a few times. Also started a career mode and it lists a load of boring stuff you need to do (like learn how to come into the pits properly) so I backed out of that, is it worth sticking with? Or what modes are good for doing time trials? Sorry for the stupid questions.


the rating thing for pace sounds like it might be what I’m looking for, I guess I’ll keep driving round a track and see if I can get to it :unsure:

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@spatular the Special Events are the time trials with leaderboards, those are also the ones that set your Pace Rating, however these don’t change very frequently at the moment, it would be nice if they did weekly events etc. In single-player you have the standard hot-lap mode but I think the leaderboards are local only.


You need to unlock the ratings in order, I think it’s TR (Track Competence), CN (Consistency), CC (Car Control), PC (Pace), SA (Safety), RC (Racecraft) and CP (Competition).


ACC is primarily multi-player, Kunos have never been great at the single player career etc. You might get on better with the standard Championship mode rather than the Career mode though. Pay attention to your MFD/HUD re pitting & driver change as if you don’t follow the very specific rules about stint length etc. then you’ll get a DQ.





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^ thanks for the explanations scoobysi :)


i played some more of the single player timetrial and unlocked the pace ranking, next time i'll try the special events and championship mode. really liked the timetrial challenges with gold/silver/bronze times to aim for in the first game so it's a shame they aren't in this one.

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Comes to Xbox One and PS4 on 23 June.


Pre-order bonus seems really generous, and includes the Intercontinental GT Pack, which has 4 amazing (imo) tracks, and is apparently £12.49 on Steam.

Perhaps even more generously, it's priced at £35 to begin with.



The Intercontinental GT Pack DLC for Assetto Corsa Competizione introduces four iconic international circuits from four different continents - Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit (South Africa), Suzuka Circuit (Japan), Weathertech®? Raceway Laguna Seca (United States) and Mount Panorama Circuit (New South Wales Australia). Players owning these tracks will extend the GT Series to the Intercontinental GT Challenge by Pirelli, providing a challenging driving experience using an exclusive layout finely reproduced with Laserscan®? technology, allowing for extreme track reproduction precision and detail. The Intercontinental GT Pack DLC also adds more than 45 new car liveries, 30 new teams and 50 new drivers along with all-new game modes from the real-life Intercontinental GT Challenge powered by Pirelli.


I'm tempted to jump in with a preorder.  Any comments from our PC gaming folks on how this one has progressed as some initial reviews suggested it fell a little short of the mark?



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Oooh, a dedicated ACC thread.  Nice.


I've only just started with SIM racing, but this has been my favourite of the games I've tried since getting my new wheel the other day.  F2 2019 is all too fast for me, and I've enjoyed my career mode in Project Cars 2; but this feels on a different level when it comes to the general feeling of awe when driving around the track.  It's the most immersive, the handling is weighty, and the sound is incredible.  The 'ratings' system is brilliant, and I spent an hour earlier just driving around the Nurburgring in the Ferrari, it was so much fun just pushing the car around the circuit.

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@Freeman My thoughts but take into account this is based on the PC version and translating it to base versions of the consoles will be a real challenge.


  • Class leading physics, handling and graphics. In terms of graphics it requires a seriously beefy PC.
  • It really deserves a wheel & pedal setup to get the most out of it but plenty seem to play with controllers (& keyboards on PC).
  • GT3 only and only 15 tracks (inc. ICGT) but probably the best ever versions of those tracks. GT4 dlc in the Summer, 3 British Tracks as dlc later in the year
  • VR is apparently not very well optimised (I doubt VR will make it to console).
  • Those reviews which suggested it fell short were probably v1.0, I think v1.2 was in effect the real version 1.0 but they probably had to hit the release due to agreements with SRO. I’ve been happy with the progress throughout, it’s always been playable since the initial EA.
  • Single-player is not the strong point of Kunos, Career mode is not up to much, the Championship mode is fine (I’ve hardly played it though) but has suffered from various bugs (e.g. endurance race pit-stops where AI run out of fuel) but multi-player is really what ACC is about anyway. The Competition Servers are a good small step towards organised racing but not as slick as GT Sport.
  • Public MP suffers from a fairly poor server browser but Kunos have steadfastly refused to add the filters, sorting or searching that it’s crying out for but instead you set parameters re what tracks you favour, latency etc. and it uses your rating to put you in a server with those of similar skill. To be honest it feels as if there are not enough players for the system to work properly. Hopefully the console release will see a slicker interface at least.
  • There are Special Event leaderboards e.g, hot-lap and hot-stint but otherwise leaderboards are scarce. The latest update means Special Events can be added without an update so hopefully there will be more of these as they’ve been very slow to change on PC.
  • The rating system is by far the best I’ve seen (not played iRacing), the Car Control rating will make you a better driver and the Safety rating will improve the quality of races. However, it’s not magic and idiots are still idiots, you’ll still get caught up in 1st corner incidents at Monza and face carnage at Bathurst but generally high Safety rating races are great.

I would wholeheartedly recommend ACC, you just need to be aware that this really is a SIM rather than a ‘game’ so it’s a bit clunky compared to something like GT Sport.

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23 minutes ago, scoobysi said:
  • There are Special Event leaderboards e.g, hot-lap and hot-stint but otherwise leaderboards are scarce. The latest update means Special Events can be added without an update so hopefully there will be more of these as they’ve been very slow to change on PC.


i noticed special events mentioned on the latest patch notes, so hopefully like you say there'll be more of these now.

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Good post on ACC Scooby. 


I don't know what it is though but there's something just completely addictive about how the driving feels in ACC. Compared to GT Sport, I feel more consistent and more like I can push the car further and further. Also, especially since they fixed it, i love how you can really drive over the curbs and push the traction and not just spin out/unsettle the car as it was in the beginning and how it still is in GT Sport.


In fact, going back to GT, it's really, really noticeable how much of a dice roll a lot of the curbs are. I honestly can just do hot stints in ACC and it's totally compelling. 


The sound and graphics, with changing light over time, weather and a huge grid of cars make this just an amazing sim racer with as much depth in the driving as you're prepared to put in. I really hope the PS4 port will be able to preserve whatever magic ingredients this has got because with a full lobby of Rllmukkers this could be epic. 



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GT cars are by far my favourite way to play GTS. I like the look of this but it’ll hinge on how it plays with a controller. GTS gets this spot on and it’s been a noticeable problem with other games I’ve played. For example, PCars was barely playable with a controller and PCars 2 wasn’t much better.

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It's race day!!  Good luck for later guys, I'll see you on track for first practice.  Session information is below...


  • Time: 19:00 until 20:20 (80 minutes)


  • Time: 20:20 until 20:30 (10 minutes)
  • Qualifying will start immediately after the practice session timer ends


  • Time: 20:35 until 21:05 (30 minutes)
  • The race will start 5 minutes after qualifying ends (comfort break time!)
  • Dry weather, 2pm (in-game time) start


After qualifying finishes you'll be placed on the grid and a 5 minute timer will count down.  Ensure that you click 'Drive' when able (within 30 seconds of the race start).  If the timer ticks down to zero and you haven't clicked 'Drive' the game thinks you are 'away' and will teleport you to the pits and you'll need to start from there


Race Formation

  • You'll be asked to line up in double file
  • Stay on the side indicated by the UI
  • Maintain position, and speed up/slow down as appropriate
  • As the start line approaches, you'll be asked to maintain a speed
  • When the lights turn green.  GO GO GO!

Pit Rules

  • 1 mandatory pit stop is required
  • A 10 minute pit window will open during the middle section of the race
  • A change of tyres AND refuelling is required
  • When waiting on the grid prior to the race session to start, go to the 'Setup' > 'Fuel and Strategy' menu and ensure that 'No. pitstop' is set to 1; and that 'Fuel to add' is set to a minimum of 1L.  Obviously add more fuel if you're running a lighter starting fuel load.  Ensure that the tyre set is a value other than the starting tyre set
  • If you meet the above conditions and when racing (but outside of the pit window), your MFD will indicate the following...
  • All requirements will turn green when the pit window is open
  • You can change your pit strategy on the fly (from the MFD); so if you forget to set a fuel to add value you can do it during the race.  But do so before you pit, otherwise you'll need to pit again

Connecting to the Server

  • From the 'Multiplayer' menu, select 'Server List'
  • Do a search for 'rllmuk'.  The server name will always contain this string of characters moving forward
  • The password has been provided via PM.  If you're interested in joining, send me a message and a Steam friend request and I'll let you know the password
  • You can join in spectator mode if you don't want (or aren't able) to race.  PM me for the spectator password.
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  • davejm changed the title to Assetto Corsa Competizione | Season 14 Round 6 | GT3 Endurance @ Watkins Glen

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