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Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

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I got one of these as a pressie and it's ace fun. Absolutely not worth the original asking price, but it is a very well built device and although the design is over the top, it actually works well in practice. One thing I will say is straight out of the box without the update it's shockingly bad with no dipswitches, less settings and sound lag. It isn't until you download the latest firmware that it comes into it's own. Quite astounding that it was originally released in such a shoddy state for the RRP. 

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My fondness for this device has continued to grow since Christmas. My daughter has really got into it and while she isn't interested in Street Fighter normally, she loves playing it on this. I think it's the whole tactile nature of the double stick set up and the fact we set it up on a coffee table with beanbags in front. She was already a Puzzle Fighter fan, but last night we had a good hour playing it in 2 player followed by Street Fighter and then Darkstalkers. One oddity is when you play 2 player on Ghouls n Ghosts. I knew it would be "life about" but you both have to use the player one stick. Seems a bit odd given the nature of the set up. I can only assume it's a throwback from the original arcade machine. 

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