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Yesterzine - The literal magazine show

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I’m never a huge fan of spamming the twitters but that might be a good answer between seasons to mop up the people who missed it during.


I probably should get over that and “play the game of course”


You may be able to detect I’m entirely with you on the master system, a lot of the later roms were dumped from my cartridges in the late 90s, so there’s a very reasonable chance you’ve played the “same” copy of Spinball as briefly featured in the episode.

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Ta :)


Thinking about it, nothing in the Amiga version was (Possibly ever) on Consoles.  Except possibly the recent D/Generation remake and I barely mentioned that game.


To be fair, I doubt many of the Amiga owners played Spoils of War at the time either. Lucky bastards.  No-one's managed to make sense of that in the 2 weeks since that episode by the way.

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