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Mega Drive Mini, and now... Mega Drive Mini 2!


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Its great to see Castlevania there because it means more of a chance of other releases from 3rd party.


This will definitely have more Sonic/Streets of Rage/Shinobi but it would be perfect for me if it includes Rocket Knight Adventures and Dynamite Headdy (likely) and a Sega Disney title (unlikely)


Edit: and Strider.

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The six button pads with the japanese model are the tiny versions




The UK ones are far more comfortable and better made. Kinda glad we get the big three button ones instead, and I'll be buying one of these for the six buttons games and PC emulation.






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I just retweeted asking if this was the ATGames one, come here and my question has been answered. I'd like to play some of the Phantasy Star games on it.


Still need the PlayStation Classic, I know it's a piece of shit but I like these little consoles (unmodded because I have a modded PS3 for all that stuff)

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The US version of this lists the included Castlevania game as "Bloodlines": http://genesismini.sega.com/ while the UK version lists it as "The New Generation": http://megadrivemini.sega.com/


I don't know much about that game, but wikipedia says that "The new generation" was a censored version that was released in Europe...I hope that doesn't mean we are getting the PAL versions of things...50hz and all...

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