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Borderlands 3


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29 minutes ago, Mr Majestyk said:

Ah it's 13 quid just now on the store. Am I right in thinking I just need season pass 1 for all story dlc? 2 looks to be cosmetics. The season pass bundle is 60 odd quid! 


Yeah just the first.

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So I played this after getting this for free and it felt a little flat compared to other games in the series. I really didn't like the two protagonists, sirens turned media influencers. But I did get this for free and the old loot and shoot mechanic got it's hooks into me so I chanced buying the DLC when it was on sale. And it's so good! Tighter experiences! Better writing! Some amazing sound design! (Guns, Love, and Tentacles has a standout bit involving some low bass that turns into chanting.)


And the end game is pretty great too with some amazing set design.


Overall I went from almost dropping this to it being the only big game I've been playing for the past couple of months. The main campaign gets better as it goes along (and I was a bit surprised at a couple of celebrities that turned up in game) but the DLC is where the game shines.

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Hmm interesting. I recently started this, got a few hours into it and dropped it. As you say it felt really flat and disappointing compared to the older titles (which I loved). 


I guess I'll hang onto it and get back to it at some point. 


Edit: bought the season pass since it's on sale :hat:

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