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The Vela (Serial Box)

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I don’t know if anyone else is reading this, but after two episodes I’m quite intrigued to see where it’s going. It’s a space opera about a mission to find a missing refugee ship in a system with a dying star, and it’s being written and released like a TV show. There’s a team of writers involved, each episode takes about fourty minutes to read and has its own arc within the ongoing story. I thought the first part was a little too action heavy without enough character development, but the second slowed things right down for a much more character led story. I like the universe it’s building too, and it’s quite timely with its themes of xenophobia and environmentalism. It’s nothing mind blowing, but it’s solid so far and the novelty of the format alone is interesting enough for me.


I only heard of Serial Box when they started to publicise The Vela, but I absolutely love the concept. They’ve clearly been around for a while as they’ve released quite a few series in different genres, some of which have had several seasons already. They include audiobook versions of each episode they release as part of the price too, although I’ve stuck with reading The Vela for now.


I don’t suppose anyone else is reading this, or anything else Serial Box have put out?

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5 hours ago, Flub said:


Nice. I shall give it a try. If you buy them can you download the ebook part as a seperate file? I'd like to read them on my Oasis if possible


Yep! You can download them in three different formats along with an audiobook version, including mobi. I read them on a Kindle myself.



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