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Sony definitely not buying Take Two

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47 minutes ago, K said:

Nobody says them on rllmuk, except you when you're trying to present yourself as some kind of quixotic business analyst.


They are just stock tickers, used when you want to buy shares in the company on the NYSE and when there are thousands of companies, some with similar names to remember, short codes are easier to use and correctly identify the company. Traders use them all the time instead.


I'm well aware of RLLMUKs disdain for most specialist verbiage or shorthand.

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Yes, it can be quite confusing when people use vague terms like 'Microsoft'. Who could they be referring to? When people say "Microsoft's exclusives are a bit thin on the ground this gen" on a forum dedicated to discussing videogames, do they mean the technology company and videogame publisher? Or do they mean the fictional cybernetic chip-based learning implants from William Gibson's award-winning Sprawl novels? It's impossible to tell just from the context. Far better to use MSFT, so that everyone knows what you're talking about.

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When your dealing in shares, I don't think knowing about the ins and outs of a business are actually that important, which is why you just reduce them down to a mere descriptor code, whether they are going up or down is the only thing that really matters usually.


I'd happily shorthand most long words I use on a regular basis myself, saves typing. Gamers do their own variant of what the stock market does anyway, so complaining about what other people in different sectors do in terms of language seems a bit rich.

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