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20 hours ago, Arn X Treme said:


Strangely enough, that's where one of my local branches resides, and I always seem to be the only customer in there at any time.


I know it's now just a brand inside House of Fraser but Game sell a lot of tat that you've think requires a lot of footfall from casual browsers to shift. The Game I visited was out of the way on the second floor and completely deserted apart from me and the guy serving me and there were only two tills instead of the four that the standalone store used to have. 

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If any one you kind fellows come into a spare Marshadow code (I think they're all separate) then I'd be a very grateful recipient. I'm also more than willing to pay for one! This is usually the kind of thing I dip into my local GAME for, but I've moved out into the sticks and am looking after my little one so likely not going to get into the nearest town any time soon!

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Same as before, ask at the counter of GAME and no purchase necessary. They didn't even ask for an email address this time. I'm almost certain this is the last Sw/Sh distribution because Sc/Vio is released on the 18th November. 

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If you haven’t been able to visit a store they’ve turned on the service they used during COVID.


EDIT: Got my code through today and the email a) doesn't mention when it expires and b) the instructions to activate it say "Launch your Pokémon Legends: Arceus game" so someone at Game HQ clearly used the wrong email template. 

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