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Pokemon Sword & Shield - Nintendo Switch

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10 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

How many eggs did that take bud? Shiny charm or no shiny charm?



Maybe 5. Certainly no more than that. And no shiny charm, so INSANE luck! Wild Area Onix + JP Ditto did the trick.


There was a girl on the train also playing, she started out with Let's Go, and we had just talked about how hard it is to get shines. I said I was just breeding a bunch of Onix at the moment, with the intent of giving them Metal Coats and chucking them out on Surprise Trade when it suddenly happened as I had travelled to show her the spot I caught my Ditto at. The planets clearly aligned at that moment!

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4 minutes ago, shirubagan said:

No idea! My in-game name is Hel. Farfetch'd M/F? No Idea what is Sword exclusive TBH.


EDIT: Searching on 2405 still



Ah that was you sorry didnt realise.


Sword Exclusives are















Farfetch'd (Galarian)





Darumaka (Galarian)

Darmanitan (Galarian)










That Turtonator looks a brute.

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1 minute ago, shirubagan said:

Ace! That Farfetch’d was bred, so hopefully a good one. Can trade you a bred female also if you like?


Erm, nah its ok, I have a female ta, but the breeding thing seems a level I'm not sure I'm ready for yet haha ta

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Not Sword and Shield related, but last night I found my copy of Pokemon Y and decided to have a quick blast on there. Wiped the save game, started again... 15 minutes in, had a shiny appear in front of me!


Unfortunately it was Panpour, aka one of the elemental monkey trio, aka one of the least popular Pokemon of all time :lol:. Ah well, shiny is a shiny I suppose...

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Now you've all had this for a while, if it's gonna be the first Pokemon game for the boy (8yrs) after the Let's go demo, is there any reason not to get Sword or Shield and stick with Let's Go?

I did ask a while ago, but I'm struggling to justify buying the old game when this has just come out.  

I'm so clueless on Pokemon I feel like my mum trying to instal a new HD.

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