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Super Mario Maker 2 - New update adds worlds! (Forum Course List in First Post)


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8 minutes ago, Smoothy said:

Funny thing about this game is that I've got it and had it since Xmas but I haven't got round to playing it.  But it seems like the game of my dreams!  I really must get round to "playing" it.


Am I correct in that I have to have created a course, then complete it before I can upload it?  Who can play the course, just Super Mario Maker 2 players, or anyone?

Yeah as long as you can complete your own course, it’ll then upload it.

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Maybe. But I think many would bounce straight off of it. Make a level or two. No one plays them. Done with building. Play some stuff but I'm not sure the number of people who played AC for a hundred of days do the same here.


What I think would be interesting, inspired by Smoothy's comment would be a Super Mario Maker 2: Player. A 'free' version for people on Nintendo's online service to play levels made by people with the full game. Maybe put some limitations in it but it would turn the main game into game builder rather than a level builder.


Off the back of that I think you might even be able monetise periodic content drops adding new biomes or items.

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