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Formula One - 2019 Season


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Just now, Baring said:

I don’t want a penalty but to be consistent I think he deserves one :( it was like online racing used the car to help him round the corner. 


Nah, there was a very light touch caused by the Ferrari turning in on a car alongside, it didn't affect Max at all. It's his corner. Charles needs to drop back and try to take the inside.

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Leclerc was clearly taking a line to defend with acceleration out of the corner as per previous lap.


That Damon Hill doesn’t understand this or the rules is quite worrying.


Quite clearly a penalty.

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2 minutes ago, mexos said:

He didn’t get to step on the top step for the podium. Do you really want to win your first race in the stewards room? He’s obviously going to win races. He should give it up imo.


Yeah, agree with that. A stewards decision would cheat both drivers. 

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19 minutes ago, mexos said:

It’s not right but Liberty should lean on the stewards to tell them to back off. This is a good news story F1 desperately needs.


A penalty would be a PR disaster. 


Leaning on the stewards to try and force a decision would itself be a PR disaster. 


They need to change/clarify the rules so that they don't need to make a decision in the first place. Fix the route cause of the issue. 

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Yeah it's fucking crazy. It's a matter of whether you agree with me and others that he's alongside and it's his corner.


If you do, no penalty, if you don't, penalty.


It's a 10 minute discussion at the outside and certainly doesn't require the drivers to be involved.

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