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My idea for a modern horror movie

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It's basically this;






Lance Larsson is a game designer genius. He makes a game that points players to 'treasure', at first the game is soft launch and so only available in Sweden where he lives. A player in the local area is about to find the first treasure but it's a body. Police are like 'Oh that's normal." However after 5 players find the treasure and each one is a body the police are more like 'Oh, this could be a serial killer?'. They track down Lance, he has shot himself! They close the case.


The local police department then start getting calls from all over the world demanding to get Lance into custody because police departments all over the world are reporting players of this game are finding dead bodies! We find out that before Lance shot himself that he submitted the game for a worldwide launch!


We slowly start to find out that Lance was just one member of a dark serial killer ring that spans the entire world.

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2 hours ago, Mr Do 71 said:

Should change it to a totalitarian government that is behind it, to purge the ever growing population.


Speaking of purge. I had the exact same idea for the Purge films when I was in my early 20's. 

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