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Horse Racing CANCELLED due to equine influenza outbreak alert!

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Not sure how many people follow horse racing but this is pretty massive news right now.  As of this morning all UK horse racing is cancelled until further notice due to a vaccinated horse testing positive for equine influenza. A good number of yards are in lockdown following the news and all horses from yards that were represented at Ayr, Ludlow, Kempton and Wolverhampton on Wednesday must be tested. A lot of people putting the blame on Donald McCain, who may have sent horses to race knowing that other horses in his yard had the horse flu.


There was a similar lockdown in Australia and racing was cancelled for around six months or so. They don’t vaccinate over there, apparently, so it spread fast. Fingers crossed it won’t be so bad over here.


With Cheltenham festival less than five weeks away there is serious concern it may be cancelled! Shocking news.


This is almost the equivalent of the Champions League being cancelled for a football season.


Even if Cheltenham does go ahead, with the yards being on lockdown it could have a major impact on which horses are entered and how they perform.


Irish racing is continuing as normal, but the horses who raced at those four courses yesterday aren’t allowed to go home until the test results are in.


I’d post more links and sources and stuff but all horse racing stuff is blocked at work so you can settle for this.

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2 hours ago, Cool Ben said:

Good. Sorry but I am not a fan of treating animals in this way. I'm also anti gambling.


I don't think someone gave them the flu on purpose you know.

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Ooft, though I'm not against cancellations if it means the Scottish National is one of them. Would be nice to  not have to put up with the town being full of drunk cunts in shite suits that descend upon it after the horseys have had their  wee run. Traffic  is always a ballache too. 

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The AHT has informed the BHA that it has received approximately 2,100 nasal swabs and tested and reported on 720. So far, other than the six at the yard of Donald McCain already identified, there have been no further positive samples returned.

This includes the swabs taken from horses at the yard of Rebecca Menzies. One horse – which tested negative – had previously been identified as suspicious and high risk after testing at a different laboratory. All these horses will remain under close surveillance, analysis of tests from the yard is ongoing and testing of the suspicious horses will be repeated.

Wider analysis is continuing with thousands more swabs expected to be received and tested over the coming days.


Very positive news!

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4 more positive tests confirmed, this time from Simon Crisford’s yard.


Onthr one hand there has been a lot fewer cases than anyone could have expected, but on the other, approximately 40 yards share the same gallops and there are still a lot more samples to be tested so it’s still very early days.


No more positives between now and Wednesday, and maybe the racing can resume. Fingers crossed, anyway.

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